Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Launch On September 30th

The rumors for Final Fantasy XV are really starting to ramp up now that the March 30th event is drawing near for Square to announce the official release date for the game. The latest set of rumors are stating that the game will be out and available on a retailer’s shelf near you for the Xbox One and PS4 starting September 30th.

Gematsu has apparently received word that the game will launch on September 30th and this was corroborated by three independent sources close to the project. Getmasu has a good rep and they wouldn’t burn it to the ground for a BJ from an indie or some clandestine funds from publishers. As the old saying goes, it takes a life time to build trust and a single lie to destroy it.

In this case, most people are in the camp that the September 30th release date will be legit window of opportunity for Square to pump out Final Fantasy XV. We’ll find out for sure in just two week’s time when Square hosts the release announcement event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on March 30th. A while back they announced that they would be announcing the release date for Final Fantasy XV, this happened after they had previously announced that they would be announcing the announcement date for the release date for the game.

The decade-in-the-making JRPG was considered to be vaporware for the longest, getting close to Duke Nukem Forever status. However, Square pulled it back tight and got their crap together by renaming Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV and actually releasing some gameplay footage and some behind-the-scenes footage to show that they weren’t being lazy and burning dollar bills like cigars like some studios have been doing with Kickstarter money. No, Square wanted to show that they actually have a game in the works and that it will be finished at some point.

The only question now isn’t whether or not Final Fantasy XV is releasing but whether or not the game will live up to a decade’s worth of hype.


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    1. I don’t think they would want to spend anymore time on this game than they need to, and paying a bunch of SJWs to censor the crap out of it would be such a waste that heads would roll at Square if they found out some pasty beta males were censoring the game to protect the digital feels of fictional characters.

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