Egypt Civilization Makes Its Way To Steam Greenlight

A new edutainment title that combines turn-based strategic management and historical facts and information called Egypt Civilization recently launched headed into Steam Greenlight.

Indie developer Clarus Victoria are working on finishing up Egypt Civilization and they’re currently seeking votes and favorites over on Steam Greenlight. They released a trailer to explain what they have in store and how far along their game is. You can check out the trailer below.

Egypt Civilization Greenlight trailer 2016

Uploaded by Clarus Victoria on 2016-03-28.

Essentially players take on the role of a Grand Vizier, helping to build and maintain the Egyptian empire over the course of nearly 5,000 years. Players will experience the rise and establishment of Egyptian culture, their history, their farming, their buildings, their agriculture, their architecture and their religion.

Clarus Victoria have been working closely with the Russian Academy of Sciences, with a lot of insight and help from Egyptologists to bring as many historical facts to life throughout the civilization management simulator.

Players will have to start off with small beginnings as a hunter-gatherer civilization and eventually evolve the tribes into something bigger, better and grander. It will be up to players to expand the Egyptian territory, make trades with foreign nations, establish a political structure within the social infrastructure, and maintain the economic growth of the Egyptian society.

There will be three different campaign modes for players to progress through, each of which have been overseen and developed in collaboration with Egyptologists, ensuring for an experience that’s as accurate to the history books as possible.

Clarus Victoria has plans on getting the game up and finished sometime by the third quarter of this year for Mac and PC, along with a Linux release for SteamOS.

If the game seems remotely interesting to you, and if you have a penchant for historical based strategy titles, you can upvote and favorite Egypt Civilization over on the Steam Greenlight page right now.


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