Corsair Unveils Black Scimitar RGB Gaming Mouse

A new livery for a classic gaming mouse was recently unveiled for Corsair’s Scimitar RGB Optical Gaming Mouse. Everything about the mouse that was in the previous iteration makes a return in the new black iteration, the only difference is the color.

The Scimitar RGB sports a 12,000 DPI optical sensor for the most precise movement necessary for games that require quick reflexes. There’s a 12-mechanical button layout on the side of the mouse designed to allow gamers to assign combos or key presses to the side buttons.

They quickly shuffle through the features of the mouse in the trailer below.

Corsair Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO gaming mouse: the official product trailer!

THE WORLD’S BEST MOBA AND MMO GAMING MOUSE. The Scimitar RGB gaming mouse revolutionizes game play with its Key Slider control system, 12 mechanical side buttons, and pro-proven 12,000 DPI optical sensor. It’s purpose built to deliver the ultimate MOBA and MMO gaming experience. LEARN MORE: Subscribe!

There’s a key slider that allows players to customize the controls along with software to allow players to fine-tune the 12K DPI so that you get the kind of player-specific control preferences that suit the kind of game and gameplay that you enjoy.

There’s a scroll wheel with two additional buttons along with customizable backlights. The lights on the mouse contains four separate zones that allows gamers to configure the lights as they see fit. It seems like it would be a nice feature when playing in the dark and you need to quickly see which button to press – having the zones means you can easily see the buttons even in the dark.

As usual, there are macro options available as well, so if you need to throw out some complicated skills at the press of a button, you can do so.

Aesthetically, the black livery isn’t that bad and it’s an okay design but I still prefer the Mad Catz R.A.T. Cyborg when it comes to design aesthetic. They mention that the mouse can be used for left or right-handers, but it’s specifically designed for right-handers given the placement of the buttons and curvature of the lower base. I don’t really see how it’s an ambidextrous mouse.

Anyway, the Scimitar RGB Optical MOBA Gaming Mouse is available right now at the discounted $69.99 over on the official Corsair website.


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