CBC Will Make Real Names Mandatory When Commenting, And Users Hate It

If you’re of the mind that something needs to be done about comment sections on news stories, you’ll likely enjoy the fact that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will force users to use their real names in order to post comments on news stories. If you’re of the mind that people should have the freedom of choice to post under whatever pseudonym they want, then you’ll likely be perturbed.

The CBC News, one of the great and consistent media foes of #GamerGate, recently made a post on March 17th, 2016 stating that following some controversy surrounding the New Brunswick francophone group and comments considered “hateful” toward the French-speaking community, the CBC decided it was time to do away with anonymity.

CBC English service issued a press statement to the CBC News online outlet, explaining the situation, with the article noting…

“All commenters will be required to use their real names, Emma Bedard, spokeswoman for CBC English Services, told CBC News. The move is a “request for transparency on the part of [online] users,” Bedard said.”

They claim that online users requested the change in comment policy after the bigoted comments posted by other users toward the francophone community.

Jennifer McGuire, general manager and editor in chief of CBC News commented about the new policy, stating…

‘CBC has heard from a number of Canadians concerned about our commenting space, the use of pseudonyms, and some audience submissions that violated our guidelines around hate speech, particularly with respect to the francophone community in New Brunswick,’

The comment section is quite livid after being informed about the news. The average user does not like this change at all, and many are intelligent enough to point out the fact that real names hasn’t stopped harassment or vile comments from being made on Facebook.

User Made in Canada stated that this will only create a “chilling effect” for people who have unpopular opinions and that it will actually incite more harassment, not less…

“The difference is that now they will no longer allow you to choose the display name that will show up with your comment. There’s no good reason to implement this change — there are more effective ways to prevent hatespeech. It will create a chilling effect for people with unpopular opinions and expose more people to online harassment (I’m thinking of women in particular).”

VikingInsane brought up a point that has literally affected some #GamerGate individuals, where the Social Justice Warriors contacted their place of employment to have them fired for supporting ethics in journalism…

“Sounds great! That way, anyone who posts an unpopular opinion can be publicly shamed, have calls placed to their employer to have them fired, and effectively ruin their life.”

My Milkshake offers a more reasonable approach to the comment sections: proper moderation….

“[…] why don’t you just properly moderate the forum?


“Have you seen facebook, it’s even more vile and people use their real names too. Or are you planning to start tracking them down and start doing internet justice?”

Several users pointed out that they don’t deserve this kind of treatment because they pay for CBC to operate; the CBC is tax-funded by the people’s money. Murphyslaw states that he wants his money back if they’re going to force him into dictatorial comment camp, writing…

“I want my tax dollars back. CBC have always been out of control with their censorship of free speech. Anything they don’t agree with they call hate speech.”

Mike69 had one of the more interesting comments, stating that individuals who sometimes share sensitive information while remaining anonymous will no longer be able to provide that information if their real names will be used, writing…

“Is the banning of pseudonyms being done under political pressure? Or is it the product of super sensitive, politically correct types at the CBC?


“The banning of pseudonyms will prevent many people – who occupy sensitive positions in business or government – from commenting. If my employer knew who was the author of my comments, I would have been fired 500 times.


“This new policy is dumb – another way for the power elite to prevent Canadians from learning the truth.”

The CBC has not stated yet when exactly this new comment policy will go into effect, but they seem to want to get it implemented as soon as possible.


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