Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains Extends Level Cap To 50

Starting March 23rd this week, NCSoft’s Blade & Soul will receive its first major expansion pack in the form of the Silverfrost Mountains. The expansion adds all new dungeons for players to explore in an all new continent with all new quests and missions to complete.

Part of the big new change in Silverfrost Mountains in addition to the all new continent, is the level cap being increased to 50. This will grant players with more options in how they build and expand their character when it comes to skills, defenses and offensive skills. They’ve also added some new bosses and questlines to explore, but I haven’t been following closely whether or not the expansion will be a butchered, localized mess like some of the other parts of Blade & Soul’s story.

Besides, even if the denizens of NCSoft’s community didn’t like some of the localization changes it’s not like they could do much about it since complaining about censorship and localization will only result in them being censored by the localizers and community managers.

Anyway, the new expansion is showcased in a new launch trailer that covers the updates, upgrades and enhancements. You can check out the trailer below.


Silverfrost Mountains Arrives March 23

The first major expansion to Blade & Soul releases March 23, bringing a new land to explore, new enemies to confront, and new treasures to discover. With a variety of new dungeons, outdoor group content, class and content balance changes, and the start of the first PvP Season-to name a few-Silverfrost Mountains is the largest addition of content yet to the free-to-play Blade & Soul experience.


A lot of gamers really like Blade & Soul, but it’s funny how few of them actually know about the game’s censorship. In the case of Fire Emblem Fates, Nintendo fans and all gamers alike basically made it known that they were not at all fond of the localization butchering that happened with the tactical RPG. #TorrentialDownpour let gamers voice their opinions loud and clear, very much to the disgust of corrupt journalists who decided that it was wrong for gamers to criticize localizers for not doing their job properly. Some even went as far as to say that gamers who didn’t like the butchered localization should just “learn Japanese”.

In this case a lot of gamers just didn’t know enough about Blade & Soul’s censorship because the campaign wasn’t quite as big for it, but it was all part of a boiling pot of anger brewing within the veins of incensed gamers.

Anyway, if you want to get in on the Silverfrost Mountains expansion for Blade & Soul you can look to do so starting March 23rd this week. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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