Batman V Superman Leather Jacket Now Available

Angel Jackets recently announced that they have in stock a new Batman V Superman leather jacket based on the upcoming film from Zack Snyder that stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, along with appearances from Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa… oh yeah, and that fruffy-haired kid pretending to be prepubescent Lex Luthor.

The new jacket is designed to be somewhat badass with a hint of nerd stitched on top. You could very well ride a Harley Davidson with this thing and then get out and walk right into Comic-Con without missing a beat.

As mentioned on the store page for the jacket, they describe how it’s made and what you get, stating…

“You’ll notice the logo of Batman V Superman placed on the center chest that is done in a creative manner. This batman jacket tends to be slim fitted and durable. It is crafted from high-quality PU leather, which includes embossed designs done on shoulders.


“In this Batman V Superman Jacket, viscose lining is stitched to keep you comfortable. It also includes an erect collar, with zipping front closure, two inside pockets and zip cuffs webbing.“

So just to reiterate: you get viscose lining the inside of the jacket and a zip-up closure to connect the ‘S’ on the front. You get zip cuffs webbing and two inside pockets… presumably for a batarang to take out unscheduled crime, and glasses for your disguise. What’s more is that it comes with a free Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice keychain.

It’s like perfect for not only showing that you’re a huge fan of Batman and Superman… but even when you go to start up your car or turn on your motorcycle, you’re letting everyone know that you woke up that morning and you’re about to ride down the highway… into the dawn of justice.

You can grab the signature leather jacket from over on Angel Jackets for $129.99. Yikes.

If you’re not a DC fanboy (or fangirl) and you still like comic book garb, you can also check out a collection of jackets and clothes based on the gear in the upcoming Captain America: Civil. There’s a whole page full of it on Angel Jackets. By the way, that Bucky outfit looks legit.


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