101 Ways To Die Lands On Xbox One And PC, Coming Soon To PS4

Vision Games Publishing’s 101 Ways To Die has launched for PC and Xbox One. The game is set to arrive on March 22nd for the PS4. The title sees players in the role of a laboratory assistant helping a Doctor rebuild his book about 101 ways to kill and maim.

The twisted puzzle game with a gory edge sees players strategically maiming and killing test subjects through 50 different levels filled with deadly traps, contraptions and devices. You can see how the game has players getting sadistic with test subjects in the launch trailer below.

101 Ways To Die Launch Trailer PEGI

Check out gruesome new puzzle platformer 101 Ways To Die – available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. For more information on the game, please see https://101waystodiegame.com/

The game is centered around getting creative with the creations that burn, slice, dice, maim, squash, and smash the test subjects into smithereens. The trailer showcases some of those devilishly devious devices that can be used to make the screaming and frightful test subjects turn into a puddle of viscera.

Giving gamers the creative means of using the various traps in the rooms and the collection of tools to make everything deadlier and gruesome is as inventive as it is twisted.

Simon Barratt, the producer at Standfast Interactive commented about the release of the game, stating…

“As much twisted enjoyment as we had creating all the death recipes in the game, we think players will have even more fun exploring all the clever ways they can find to kill the hapless Splatts,” “Professor Splatunfuder’s lab is now open for business—let the killing commence!”

The game seemed to make more of a wave when it was announced over on the PlayStation blog, and it’s kind of faded away since but now that it’s available on the Xbox One and PC we’ll see if gamers take notice of the strategy-based title releasing on the two platforms.

You can grab a digital copy of 101 Ways to Die right now by picking it up at participating digital e-tailers for only $14.99 or you can wait and grab the game for the PS4 starting March 22nd.


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