XCOM 2 Dragonpunk Mod Teases Vivian James’ Theme Song

Now that XCOM 2 is out and about for PC we’ll likely start seeing mods appearing frequently and at a steady drop for Firaxis Games’ turn-based strategy title. One of the mods currently in development for the game is Dragonware Studios’ Dragonpunk, which is a total conversion mod for XCOM 2.

What makes this particular mod interesting is that one of the characters who will be prominently featured in the mod is #GamerGate’s own Vivian James, the character created for The Fine Young Capitalists’ IndieGoGo game jam campaign. She made her first commercial debut in Afterlife Empire, which is a small strategy game centered around building up an empire by scaring people… but not to death.

Dragonware’s inclusion of Vivian James in their upcoming mod was first teased with a contest asking gamers what they wanted Vivian to wear in the game and offered them three choices. In a recent update that was shared on Twitter, they gave a look at how Vivian could look wearing XCOM 2’s exo-suit, which you can check out below.

XCOM 2 Dragonpunk - Image15

It’s a cool design that mixes in a little bit of the archaic fantasy elements from traditional wizards and dragons RPGs with more modern military concepts. As you can see in the image above, Vivian has elven ears and long flowing hair, almost like Lord of the Rings got married to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the popped out a exo-suit elf.

In addition to rolling out some new concept art for the popular #GamerGate icon, Dragonware also released a copyright-free theme song for Vivian that you can listen to below. It’s a somber, contemplative tune with light vocals, and it was composed by Claudie Mackula.

Vivian’s Theme – Traditional Mix

The full theme for Vivian from the XCOM 2 Dragonpunk Mod. This song was written and recorded specifically for Team Dragonpunk by the amazingly talented Claudie Mackula! It is open source and free under the MIT License.

That’s some serious sounding music. It’s nothing like what I was expecting.

The project is still a long ways off from completion, but having XCOM 2 out and available definitely helps things along because we’ll likely start getting some good roadmap windows on when certain things will be finished.

Dragonpunk is due for release in 2018. So don’t even bother checking your watch on this particular mod. You can keep track of the progress of development by hitting up the mod’s official website.


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