Unconscious, Psychological Horror Game Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

With most horror games I always ask myself “Why not just leave?” problem solved, right? Why continue to explore a place filled with monsters, demons and crazy people when you could just turn around and go home? There are a few exceptions for horror games that don’t follow that chain of logic, and I think that Unconscious might be one of them.

Unconscious is a psychological horror game developed by Spartacus Online. Based on the information on their recently launched IndieGoGo page, it seems to be put together by just one guy using the Unity 5 game engine. If that turns out to be the case and he really doesn’t have a team, I am quite impressed so far with the setup and presentation that he put together in the Unconscious trailer. One thing that really makes this game stand out though is the story.

unconsious 2

You play as a military pilot named Miller that was checking out some suspicious activity in the area. While flying over an abandon asylum, he gets shot down by an unknown enemy pilot. Miller survives the event, but he is now trapped inside the abandon asylum area known as Area 13. The story gets more interesting as you find out that Miller is not alone, and there are some unspeakable horrors that are lurking in the shadows that knows he is there, and has decided to haunt him.

Miller appears to be under-equipped for his current predicament and it seems the only useful item he has on him at the moment is his cellphone. Based on the description the developers have put together on both the Steam Greenlight page and their IndieGogo page, it sounds like the military knows you are missing and they are looking for you, all you have to do is survive long enough to receive help. But based on the above screenshot, it makes it seem like the military may be in over their heads as well. Take a look at the below gameplay trailer to see for yourself.

UNCONSCIOUS Official Trailer (Full Version)

Steam Greenlight : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=613715917 Storyline : October 21,A pilot named ‘miller’ was heading back to the base after checking about some suspicious activities in an abandoned area known by it’s occult experiments when an unknown plane attacked him ,luckly he survived but he found himself in an abandoned asylum situated in Area 13 ,you will take control of this pilot’s life ,seeking answers and help to get out from this nightmare ,don’t worry everyone is looking for you ..even the hunters .

Hopefully Unconscious will rely on the atmosphere and story to make the game scary and not cheap jump scares, but so far it definitely has my attention. If you too would like to see more you can vote for Unconscious on Steam Greenlight to help it get approved, and also check out the Unconscious IndieGoGo page for further details or to show your support.

Author: Nick


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