The Next Call Of Duty Will Be ‘Innovative’ And Made By Infinity Ward

As if it really needs to be said, there’s a new Call of Duty in development and it’s scheduled to release this fall. The newest entry in the series will be developed by Infinity Ward, the same minds behind the Modern Warfare series.

In the Activision shareholder presentation covering the fourth quarter results, they revealed that Call of Duty as a franchise has sold more than 250 million units to date and has totaled more than $15 billion in sales. That’s kind of crazy when you think about it.

They also note that Black Ops 3 has helped the brand increase in year-over-year revenue compared to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and that the season pass has a record breaking attach rate. I’m sure the zombies have a little something-something to do with that.

The biggest takeaway from the financial report is that Infinity Ward will be working on this year’s Call of Duty outing, although they don’t exactly say what it will be. They note that it’s going to be “new” and “innovative”, so either we can expect an overhaul of a previous concept or maybe something altogether different? No idea.

Coming off of Black Ops 3, Infinity Ward have some big shoes to fill given that Treyarch’s game featured four-player co-op, customizable campaign parameters and one of the trippiest campaign modes in a first-person shooter. The last game Infinity Ward worked on in the series was Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was not as well received as Sledgehammer’s Advanced Warfare or as discussion-worthy as Black Ops 3. We’ll see if Infinity Ward took those three years to work on something a lot more worthwhile for home consoles and PC.

Oh yeah, and the financial report also reveals that Destiny 2 is expected to launch in 2017. They have about 25 million registered users but they don’t say what their daily active user base is at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if it it’s in the single digit millions.

We’ll have to sit tight and wait on an official announcement for this year’s CoD outing. I can’t say I’m terribly excited but I’m curious what they come up with.

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9 thoughts on “The Next Call Of Duty Will Be ‘Innovative’ And Made By Infinity Ward

  1. Start with a brand new game engine, yes. But what really needs to change is setting.

    Not historical, that’s been beaten to death. Not modern, that’s even more over-saturated. Not near-future, that’s the new over-saturated setting.

    We need to go off into deep space, far future sci-fi settings.

    Honestly, I hope they try to make a spiritual successor to Star Wars: Republic Commando. Of course it won’t have the actual Star Wars branding on it; but it should still be a far-future squad shooter, rather than the typical Charlie Oscar Delta fare.

    However, the last thing I want to see is a Halo clone. They go that route, they’ll not really be going anywhere good.

    1. CoD needs a massive Coop multiplayer map in the style of the Starship Troopers movie. Something where every piece of ammo counts, even if they respawn ad infinitum,

      1. Ammo scarcity seems to be a rarity in most games these days, you rarely have to count your bullets or consider where you fire or how much you fire, or force yourself to pick up a new gun because the one you have is completely dry.

        I would love to see more tactical gameplay make a return, along with larger maps and more gameplay variety overall.

        Even with a new engine the major problem is that there’s a specific formula they like to stick with and it has become rather redundant.

  2. They already innovated by with limiting weapons to two and making sure everyone had to turn into an immobile turret while shooting.

    So maybe the next game will reduce the weapon limit to 1 to make it more streamlined, and remove movement entirely and let the game be an on rail shooters.

    I expect a quadrillion sales.

  3. I dunno guys. I always remember the day they blew my mind with the announcement of the biggest innovation the series ever had at the Xbox One reveal conference. Advanced Dog technology! Maybe this one features some kind of advanced Cat technology where they can reject you. My mind would be blown with that.

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