The Division’s Xbox One Timed DLC Exclusivity Doesn’t Sit Well With PS4 Gamers

Xbox One owners are okay with the news that Ubisoft will give them first dibs on DLC for 30 days with the upcoming shooter, The Division. PS4 and PC gamers? Not so much.

In a recent GameStop promotional video they announce that the Xbox One will get DLC for The Division a whole 30 days before PS4 owners. PC gamers also assume the exclusivity deal applies to them as well, but the video doesn’t clarify since they focus on the home consoles. You can check it out below.

Hands on with Tom Clancy’s The Division | GameStop

Pre-order now:

The comment section and rating were instantly pelted with a lot of disgruntled fans. Not so much for the fact that they’re really looking forward to The Division but more-so at the practice of timed exclusivity.

As you can see in the image below, there’s a lot of frustration at said exclusivity.

Comments range from mildly annoyed to downright nasty.

In between the fanboy vitriol are some well placed and well argued comments, like the one from TheGullofdoom

“And they snag up another thing as a timed exclusive and then they comment on how it barely sold. You are bottlenecking the product constantly.”

Gamers like Brian Johnson see it as a beta testing period for Xbox owners, and that by the time the DLC releases on PS4 it will be pristine and clean…

“So Xbox get the broken never tested version while ps4 gets the polished we’ve had a few weeks to work out the bugs version. We all know Ubi’s track record so I’m fine with that.”

And then there are the PC gamers completely left in the dark, with those like Nick “Giggity” Baklava making the fastidious comment about PC gamers having to be stuck with Uplay as punishment in addition to waiting for the DLC…

“What about PC? Bad enough we have to use Uplay, don’t do that 30day shit to us.”

Some commenters did bring out a good point about the PS4 usually getting DLC or games first this generation, like with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 or No Man’s Sky. I suppose the difference is that more people play on PS4 and it is the favored console this generation, just like more people liked and preferred the Xbox 360 for a while over the PS3, so it received DLC exclusives and timed content.

Over on GameSpot users like uchihasilver just couldn’t understand why timed DLC exclusivity is still a thing given that all it does is make other platform users have to wait for the content…

“still don’t understand why these companies hold back DLC from other platforms it was dumb and pointless at the beginning and will be dumb and pointless in the end =/


“Also not impressed by The Division so far just another generic TPS really.”

The thing is, for a game like The Division it’s not like the important aspects that matter – frame-rate, resolution, input latency and performance – are going to be better on the Xbox One. This means you may get the DLC earlier but you’re not going to get a better experience, based objectively on the fact that it has weaker hardware. So really anyone who knows any miniscule amount of information about both consoles will still likely want the smoother running version, they’re just going to be inconvenienced with getting their hands on the DLC by having to wait a month.

Even still, 30 days isn’t too bad a wait… the only problem is that it doesn’t sound like a lot of people feel as if this is the kind of game where the timed-exclusive DLC will be worth waiting for.

The Division is due for release on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 8th, 2016 next month.


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10 thoughts on “The Division’s Xbox One Timed DLC Exclusivity Doesn’t Sit Well With PS4 Gamers

  1. Exclusive dlc for multi platform games will ALWAYS piss people off. It’s a sh!tty thing to do. Just be happy in this case it’s only a “timed” exclusive.

  2. I’ve never understood timed exclusivity, especially timed DLC. It’s not like people are going to buy another system and copy of the game just for early access, especially when in this case it’s the version on the weaker system.

    1. Some people do. Gaming industry preys on people’s inability to control themselves. Actually, a lot of industries do, if not all of them.

      Just be glad people like you and I are above such trickery.

  3. Ubisoft is just a terrible company. They downgrade their graphics constantly, they purposefully gimp their games on PC to stroke the egos of console-only gamers and they make terrible business decisions like this.

    They are making a Destiny clone with a Call of Duty paint job, but what they don’t seem to understand is that MMO players are a fickle and tricky consumer base. Most, if not all, of them will not want to play an MMO that has all of it’s expansion packs delayed 30 days to appease the bitter xbox fanbase.

    We’re not talking about skins, map packs or a few weapons. We’re talking about MMO Expansions, which completely change the face of the game.

    1. I’m about to build a new PC myself soon, and this kind of ‘graphics-parity’ nonsense is making me think twice about building one that has high power. I mean, what’s the point of having a GTX 980 graphics card if there’s always going to be a risk that a multi-platform game’s graphics will be gimped in order to achieve ‘parity’ with the consoles. Which of course means that the full power of the PC’s hardware won’t be utilized.

      The PS4 and the XBOne are both far too weak in this current day and age when compared to PC hardware. And having the PS4 and especially the XBOne as the ‘lowest common denominator’ (I don’t know if that makes sense lol) is in my opinion regressive.

      Hopefully in the future they’ll do away with the consoles and make the PC the main gaming platform. That or either a future console needs to at least match the high-end PC hardware at the time and have something unique/special within it.

      1. It’s true. There’s no point buying the best graphics card when developers keep making stuff for weaker consoles.

  4. This is a whining fanboy-centric article. PS4 gets timed crap, so does Xbox. Get over it. There are people who enjoy Xbox as well… get over that too. PS4 and Xbox One are very close in system specs. Last gen PS3 games ran worse than on 360, and people still bought PS3. There is nothing wrong with Xbox. Thanks

    1. Whining fanboy-centric article gets fanboy-centric reply.
      All is right with the world.

      Not trying to start an argument, just stating the impression I got from your comment.

  5. I had a conversation about exclusivity with a Japanese friend a few days ago. We were talking about the major consoles throughout the years, why the Dreamcast died, and how the Xbox became popular. I remember Microsoft securing tons of paid exclusives to get people to buy their consoles.

    When the topic moved to Xbox in Japan, I talked about how the system lacked games appealing to Japanese tastes, such as RPGs. She’d heard that many Japanese people bought the Xbox for an exclusive Tales game, only to see it released on another system later. They were very upset about that. I’d heard about that myself, but forgot. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened with the Wii, PS3 and Tales of Graces later. Glad I don’t buy Bamco’s games.

    I hate exclusivity. I remember buying multiple versions of Dead or Alive 2 that were mere sidegrades. Drew the line when they started doing “console exclusive” upgrades. Now we have shit like pre-order exclusives. They can all go to hell. I can wait for as long as it takes for the game to show up on a console I have, or get emulated. Not buying a console for one or two games. There’s plenty of other stuff out there that I’ve still yet to experience.

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