Tales Of Berseria Screenshots Reveal New Characters Eleanor And Rokurou

Famitsu’s latest issue provides “Tales of” fans with some new screenshots of Tales of Berseria. The PS3, PS4 and PC game by Bandai Namco screenshots reveal two new characters, Eleanor and Rokurou.

Catching wind from DualShockers, the publication site posted up some new images from the popular Japanese Famitsu magazine, and reveals some new characters joining Velvet’s adventure. The weekly issue shines some light on the characters Rokurou and Eleanor.

From some of the descriptions of the characters backstory seems like the devs are trying to build on some tension within the team itself. I say this, due to some of the character roles that were released in past and present issues of Famitsu pertaining to Tales of Berseria.

In addition to the characters, the newly revealed character Rokurou has been transformed into a demon, but he has the ability to manage and self-control his inner demon unlike some of the others that are affected by the DaemonBlight. He also uses a great sword, but in battles uses dual daggers. Adding on to the conflict with the characters, Eleanor is a demon hunter who’s a dedicated member of a religious organization. With that said, I wonder if the devs will start a conflict between Eleanor and Rokurou, or will they just skip past that? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

But, something we do know from the start though, Eleanor will have conflicts with Velvet, who is a Demon or “Daemon” herself. I’m sure if the devs do the story right, it could stand to be an interesting story between the teammates and their beliefs vs what needs to be done, that is if they do it right.

Furthermore, the screenshots also reveal some of the battle sequences and the menus that have been revised. This the “Liberation-LMBS” System that allows players to assign “Artes” to each of the four buttons on a PS4 or DualShock 4 controller, which depends on the duration and segment of the combo.

And that’s pretty much it regarding character and battle information, except for the newly posted screenshots, as seen below, which comes from DualShockers.

Tales of Berseria Screenshots

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Tales of Berseria will release sometime this year for PS3, PS4 and PC.

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