Street Fighter 5’s Arcade Mode Being Looked Into By Capcom

In a really strange twist, it appears as if the arcade mode for Street Fighter V wasn’t and hasn’t been a priority at Capcom, so much so that according to a Capcom press representative the company is “looking into” adding the mode sometime in the future. If you’re shaking your head in shame, you’re not alone.

Responding to Forbes’ Jason Evangelho, a Capcom representative tersely explained that the Arcade mode for Street Fighter V wasn’t off the table, but it hasn’t quite been on the table either, stating via e-mail…

“The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon,”

It’s all kind of a slap to the face of gamers. Remember when we used to joke about things like Story mode and Arcade mode being removed from games and that the important cut content would later be restored via DLC? Well, it looks like eighth gen may make that a standard if Capcom has their way.

Another scary part is that according to the Forbes piece there’s really no telling if the addition of an Arcade mode will be free or if it will end up being paid DLC. How frightening is it to think that a standard feature like Arcade mode could even be considered as paid DLC?

All of this worrisome news almost has me looking at getting back into MUGEN where you at least you get all of the features you would expect from a fighting game with none of the DLC bull crap.

While Capcom deals with shoddy servers, a thin Story mode and an absentee Arcade mode, I’m seeing King of Fighters XIV as a far more viable fighting game option despite the fact that the animations, mechanics and graphics don’t look to be anywhere near as solid as Street Fighter V.

Nevertheless, stay tuned for more info on when something standard like Arcade mode will make a return to Street Fighter.


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8 thoughts on “Street Fighter 5’s Arcade Mode Being Looked Into By Capcom

  1. I think the backlash has taken Capcom genuinely by surprise, even a lot of the major ‘paid’ outlets are hitting the 70s and 80s in score.

  2. SFV is an insult in every sense. Arbitrary censorship alone would suck but the rest of the game could be acceptable, but they cut out large chunks of what is basic game functionality and shipped what is a DLC fest of early access content BS.

    SFIV didn’t exactly change the world, but all the basics were intact and reasonably functional on release.

  3. I’ve been complaining about recent games missing stuff like Arcade Mode for a while now. Everything just keeps rolling further and further downhill.

    A friend was telling me earlier that SFV doesn’t even penalize people for leaving, despite SFIV, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct all having penalties. You can tell Capcom just doesn’t give a damn.

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