Street Fighter 5 Requires 100,000 Fight Money To Unlock A Character

Small details on the requirement of play time and real life monetary expenses have surfaced for Capcom’s recently released Street Fighter V. The pricing chart gives gamers an idea of how much it will cost to unlock new characters and how how long it’ll likely take.

Eventhubs picked up a story from Destructoid, where they managed to get a screenshot of the pricing for the virtual currency in Street Fighter V you can earn called Fight Money, as well as the virtual currency you can pay for with real money called Zenny. The image reveals that you’ll need about 100,000 Fight Money to unlock a character. It requires 40,000 Fight Money to unlock a new Story Mode character costume.

As the image above explains, the Fight Money can’t be purchased with real money; you have to earn it by playing through the game, specifically winning online matches, participating in Survival Mode and unlocking stories in Story Mode.

100 Zenny is equivalent to one real life dollar. So 1,000 Zenny equals $10. This means you’ll be spending $6 to unlock a new character if you want to pay for one instead of unlocking them.

The premium costumes will run you 400 Zenny, so you’ll have to chuck out $4 each for them.

It’s hard to see how well this pricing will work out in the long run with the way they have it setup because Street Fighter V just launched and most people are just getting their bearings, practicing online (well if you’re on PS4) and setting up their rigs to get the most out of the 60fps gameplay.

As Capcom begins to unveil new characters and add them to the roster, I’m sure we’ll start to hear more (positively or negatively) about the DLC setup and the option of unlocking the characters through gameplay or unlocking them by paying for them. Right now, the setup of paying individually for the characters is definitely more expensive than the old route, given that four new characters will run you $24, not including their costumes. The 12 disc-locked characters in Street Fighter X Tekken cost $19.99, just to give you a ballpark idea of what the pricing structure is like in Street Fighter V.

Capcom plans on rolling out a new character every couple of months up until 2017. They didn’t specify how often they’ll make new costumes available. Street Fighter V is available right now for PC and PS4.


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9 thoughts on “Street Fighter 5 Requires 100,000 Fight Money To Unlock A Character

  1. Hmm, they seem to throw a lot of Fight Money at you for initially completing a story. I’ve done 4 so far and have 40,000 FM already.

    Once that avenue is exhausted, it seems like it will be quite a bit harder to accumulate this currency. I’d suggest people save for characters and not waste their FM on costumes.

      1. I’d say it’s the best since Street Fighter Alpha 2. The locked 60FPS combined with the new V gauge really adds a lot to the gameplay experience. It sorta feels like Street Fighter Alpha and Guilty Gear had a baby, and it’s SFV.

        That being said, there are a few annoyances. The game has a few balance issues, Necalli is blatantly OP and Ryu remains strong compared to the rest of the characters. On the other hand, Chun-li seems a little gutted and doesn’t feel very strong.

        So far in my online matches, 90% of my opponents have been Ryu. At this point, I would kill for a “ban list” that allows you to veto one or two characters when you queue into online.

        Also, where the hell is Sagat and Blanka? Weird omissions… Either way, all of the problems are superficial and can easily be patched. The core of the game is rock solid, and I highly recommend it.

      2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 was one of the best SFs in my opinion, I actually liked it better than SFA3.

        As for SF5, I’m going to get the PC version soon, looking forward to it very much!

      3. Really? You liked SFA2 over SFA3? I couldn’t get enough of the World Tour mode in SFA3. What exactly was it that made you feel the second game was better?

      4. Lol I love both of SFA2 and SFA3, but SFA2 edges it for me. The main reason is because of SFA2’s gameplay… for me it felt more ‘solid’ and I liked the collision and hit pause better. Also, the music in SFA2 (both arcade and console mixes) was really good to me as well, like classic SF techno style themes with all the recognisable melodies. One of my favourites is Ryu’s SFA2 arcade OST theme. Love it.

        SFA3’s game-play is far more technical and added more juggles, and the collision and hit pause were more ‘loose’ and less solid. It also done away with the classic music melodies and used some mediocre (in my opinion) instrumentals and melodies… I liked some of them but it didn’t compare to SFA1/SFA2’s music. (SFA1’s arranged themes were amazing).

        The character roster is no contest though of course – SFA3 Max’s roster (the PSP version roster) wins hands down.

        And yes… I couldn’t get enough of World Tour mode in SFA3 as well… on the Dreamcast version there was an end mission where you had to face 2 boss Shin-Bisons simultaneously with infinite gauges, I never beat that mission because it was so hard. Haha.

        Both great games to me.

      5. Didn’t see that coming with Chun-li, but highly suspected that with Ryu and Necalli. A while back, I remember everyone saying that they were going to play Necalli because he seemed like a beast on the field.

        About Blanka and Sagat? sadly, I’m just as clueless as you are. I wish I new how devs went about picking certain characters. But, yeah, the game looks pretty solid. I’ll probably watch some extreme masters play it, if I can remember.

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