Street Fighter 5 R. Mika Butt-Slap Mod Triggers NeoGaf

The butt-slap is back. Modders have re-added the camera angle that shows Rainbow Mika slapping her own behind before performing her Critical Art in Street Fighter V. The camera angle was originally removed to avoid offending anyone. The mod itself isn’t necessarily new since a rough version of the mod was made available based on the beta build a short while ago, but now it’s available to download for the full version of Street Fighter V... on PC.

Modder CENAWINSLOL posted up the mod over on /r/Kappa/. You can download the butt-slap mod from You can also download the Cammy intro crotch-shot mod from Take note that you can use the mod at your own risk because Capcom hasn’t said if they’re banning people for using mods… yet.

Nevertheless, The Gaming Ground reported that the spread of the mod became its own little event, as a lot of people who downloaded it attached a video and shared it on Twitter, tagging in #GamerGate and forum board NeoGaf.

Twitter user Jodie Mae has up a Tweet with the video that was entirely aimed at the pro-censorship NeoGaf board. Check it out below.

Jodie Mae on Twitter

Just installed the R.Mika fix c: #Gamergate #Neogaf #StreetFighterV

The the message spread loud and clear and made its way to NeoGaf, where users became querulous about the tweets from gamers who are happy about the mod bringing back the butt-slap.

It began devolving into a #GamerGate hate-bash, with users like NinjaCoachZ writing…

“I mean the video literally says “Fuck you NEOGAF” in it, has the Gamergate hashtag in the description and is posted by a Dongo Trunt supporter. It’s like the triple triad of stuff that’s not big around here.

“Even aside from all that it’s just kind of a whatever thing to me personally.”

L Thammy tried offering context on why the NeoGaf community may not entirely be thrilled about the mod bringing back the butt-slap and how it ties into #GamerGate…

“A lot of Gamergators also believe that feminists are literally controlling the video game industry. As in actively censoring products instead of just influencing their decision-making through criticism. So NeoGAF is part of the evil vagina hive that is destroy video game boobies.”

Before the thread was closed Dark Ninja made a very interesting comment, explaining that a lot of NeoGaf members might be more supportive of gaming and freedom of creative expression if it didn’t result in being banned…

“Well people on here don’t fully express themselves and hold back or many people would get banned easily. You gotta learn how to not get banned and which threads to stay out of because they are just traps.

Shortly thereafter the Modbot locked the thread because of the sources used.

Apparently you can’t link directly to the source of information on NeoGaf? NeoGaf doesn’t bother to explain it, but it’s odd considering that the source used is where the mod originated from. It seems anti-gaming to prevent people from making threads directly linking to the creative work of modders. In a way, it diminishes the value of the modder’s work with NeoGaf promoting gamers to not directly support or link to the modded content.

It’s unfortunate that NeoGaf has turned into an anti-gaming, pro-censorship forum board, but that’s the kind of world we live in today.

Street Fighter V is available right now on PS4 and PC. However, only the PC version supports modding.

[Update:] It appears the thread on /r/Games/ informing users about the butt-slap mod has also been removed for being “off-topic”. Apparently video game mods aren’t video game related, according to the moderators of /r/Games/.


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42 thoughts on “Street Fighter 5 R. Mika Butt-Slap Mod Triggers NeoGaf

    1. L Thammy: “A lot of Gamergators also believe that
      feminists are literally controlling the video game industry. As in
      actively censoring products instead of just influencing their
      decision-making through criticism. So NeoGAF is part of the evil vagina
      hive that is destroy video game boobies.”

      Someone should tell this person that “influencing their decision-making through criticism” is indirect censorship.

      And it’s not something as innocent as “criticism” is it? This so-called “criticism” is actually publicly shaming, bullying, slandering and harassing the developers/creators through lynch mobs.

      This L Thammy person is either a complete retard or a very intellectually dishonest SJW / feminist.

      1. Someone should tell L Thammy that rising talent are being suppressed and bullied by female-only benefits, pro-female agenda, feminist groups and feminism hysteria, scaring both males and females away from the game dev industry.

        Doubt he’d give a damn either way, since it “doesn’t affect him”. He’s probably satisfied as long as he gets his Call of Doody.

      2. Dude probably has a bunch of people blocked on Twitter and will yell “muh soggy knees” if anyone makes a counterpoint against him. His comment doesn’t come across as someone willing to even entertain the prospect of reason.

      1. >I’m not really sure what’s up with him.

        He wants loads of emone. He thinks he will get that by going full SJW. I think he may have regretted it at this point, but you cant really rebuild your reputation that easily after going so deep into it. NeoGAF torpedoe’d its reputation with normal people and the industry at large. If they turn their backs to the SocJus fanatics, they will have nothing left.

      2. I guess you have a point there. The SocJus audience is the only one he has left because there’s no way in the world normal gamers would go there when you can get banned so easily for stupid stuff.

      3. Actually, I know several normal gamers who go there for the latest info. They have been doing so for years. Some of them also participate in community events there.

      4. You’re right that it’s very easy for a lot of normal people to get sucked in and stop thinking critically; following the herd mentality because it seems normal and right.

        It’s not until you begin to see the bigotry in the SJW mentality that it all starts to fall apart, usually when something contradictory to their cult standards arise they do things like defend pedophiles because of their friends or they make excuses for corruption because of cronyism. The window dressing washes away and the decrepit, foul-smelling stench of decayed morals, hypocritical maxims and integrity-eating parasites become apparent and undeniably grotesque.

      5. That’s the other issue though. Just why is it so seemingly easy for these minority SJW/feminist fuckwits to infiltrate, infest and take-over the major video game/tech media institutions?

        Yet for the true gamers – who are the majority – is like an ever-lasting battle to climb Mount Everest in order to turn it all back around.

        I guess the stigma of being labelled a “sexist” or “misogynist” is still something to fear.

      6. Seriously? For real? I have seen him defending feminist ideals with the voracity of a hungry Jabba. Probably he just a hypocritical dick then.

      7. Yeah they tried pushing him as some kind of SJW, pro-feminist savior but there’s an article published on here covering his previous behavior. Banning women after they turned him down, talking about casually sexually harassing/assaulting a lady at a bar in Spain, and making denigrating comments about women in public about the size of their vaginas.

        Not even joking.

      8. That just sounds like typical SJW to me. They focus on criticizing others while being terrible people themselves.

      9. No idea if he actually mods. I think he closed a thread or two dealing with some SocJus stuff from back during E3, but I don’t pay much mind to NeoGaf unless KiA or another pro-gaming hub brings up their bias.

      10. Feminists and SJWs are like Born-Again Christians. They both spent years doing unbelievably shady shit that most of would never consider doing. Then they think they can cleanse themselves by being reborn into a crusader in the exact opposite direction.

      11. Hell, I wish I could upvote you more.

        What you said makes a lot of sense, I think it’s a real psychological mechanism.

      12. Daaamn… Can’t believe I missed that one.

        The more you know…

        Just checked Encyclopedia Drammatica, it’s jaw dropping stuff… The thing about the nudes really hit me, I don’t think you can get any more hypocritical than that, considering how he was defending the Zoe Quinn controversy.

      13. SJWs often seem to be SJWs for the purpose of distracting from their own terrible behavior. I think he fits that description.

    1. “leaning towards SJW?” From what I see it’s practically SJW-heaven now.

      I remember reading a thread on their forums a year ago about the issue of Anita Sarkeesian’s proposals on designing female characters in video games. It was full of white knights, manginas and feminists sucking up the proposals and anyone who disagreed was insulted and told to “grow up”.

      From then on I didn’t visit that site much… of the times I went back to their forums, nothing has changed.

  1. “A lot of Gamergators also believe that
    feminists are literally controlling the video game industry. As in
    actively censoring products instead of just influencing their
    decision-making through criticism. So NeoGAF is part of the evil vagina
    hive that is destroy video game boobies.”


    That is literally what is going on and people are waking up to it.

    If they wanted to not be offended by this they could just ask capcom for a switch in the game.

    Capcom should still just turn this into a DLC with a switch to this and problem solved.
    Ratings? DLC does not change a game’s rating.
    Outraged people?
    Don’t download the dlc, period.

    But of course the SJW won’t allow that, they do not abide by “live and let live”.
    They want everyone else that is not part of their cult to die. They want to take away the games.

    Fuck you neogaf.

  2. So much dissent on the first page of that thread, some where happy the camera angle was fixed with the mod. Guess that’s why the thread had to be locked down.

  3. Get shit on NeoFag. And Fuck you too Crapcom. And stay triggered my little Social Jihad Wankers till the end of your sad miserable existance.

  4. As in actively censoring products instead of just influencing their decision-making through criticism

    if it were just criticism, but it’s publicly shame them too. And I’d say either way it’s a form of censorship. Criticize them in the hopes they’ll self censor, it’s just not as direct as government intervention, although they’ve shown recently they want that too.

  5. just installed it and works great. Although now I’m having issues with connecting to server and I wonder if it’s the game or the mod….

  6. Heh, good old Jodie Mae, she was one of the strongest pro GG voices on the Gametrailers Forum.
    And of course my obligatory fuck NeoFAG, and reddit too.

    1. Did they shut down the forums over there? I know GT forums had a good #GamerGate battle front early on even when a bunch of other sites were censoring their forums.

      1. No the forum is still online and we die hards are still posting till the end. She though left the forum a while ago because her views in other threads where too controversial and mods told her to tone it down.

  7. The worst of Neogaf is not the mods themselves but the ppl that willingly conform and let themselves being oppressed, ive seen ppl trying to convince themselves that its fine, they are just trying to control the caos, that they dont want ppl going offtopic, etc etc.

    Before they know it they start accepting that kind of behavior in other sites, they start censoring others as well as themselves, they say things like “oh dear, you better not talk about that or youll get the banhammer”, they pander to the mods to gain brownie points and this attitude spreads

    There is one simple solution to Neogaf …. stop using it

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