Street Fighter 5 CG Trailer Teases Evil Ryu

Capcom let loose a new trailer for the upcoming release of Street Fighter V on the PC and PS4 on February 16th, and the trailer is a cinematic collage of the various pugilists who will appear in the game, as well as a potentially dangerous and budding rivalry between Ryu and newcomer Necalli.

The trailer is just over three minutes. It features a little bit of the new blood, such as Fang and Rashid. We also see the return of Karin, putting Birdie in his place like it’s nobody’s business. R. Mika and Zangief go for some muscle-bound poses and later we see Mika slamming Laura into the ground with a driver.

The real tasty bit of the trailer is in the tease of Evil Ryu, as he powers up after getting bodied by Necalli. He gets real feisty, charges up and as he unleashes hi hidden power, Necalli absorbs it. Did not see that coming. Check it out below.

Street Fighter V: Full Length CG Trailer

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Die-hard fans are already speculating hard on what this means for Evil Ryu, Akuma and Necalli. According to alpha00zero, we likely won’t see Evil Ryu anytime soon but Necalli may be feeding on his raw energy…

“I have a feeling Necalli absorbs the Satsu No Hado out of Ryu or at the very least, feeds his power with that kind of negative energy. But we could see Evil Ryu in the future, not in a near one that is.”

Another commenter, GalaxyUpper—G, doubted the reemergence of Evil Ryu, but noted that the Satsui No Hado has always been a part of his storied and ongoing saga, writing…

“I doubt [Evil Ryu will] come back as a character, but the satsui no hado has always been part of his story, one way or another. By SF3, Ryu has bested the killing intent and no longer is worried about it.”

I used to think that Necalli was a standard vanilla character, but this CG trailer made him look rather boss. In fact, I’m almost inclined to think that he may be Ryu’s arch nemesis in the story mode. That should make for an interesting bit of canon to unfold.

The revenge saga involving Charlie Nash coming back for blood against M. Bison also looks badass. I’m curious to see how Capcom will handle his story. Charlie seems like he’s more top tier than ever before, and his moves look slicker than oil.

Gamers won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the physical and digital renditions of Street Fighter V, the game is due for release on February 16th next week on the PC and PS4. Expect the mods to come piling in fast and heavy on the PC version, as they will hold nothing back and the nude mods will probably be more powerful and vicious than ever before.


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