Shadwen Demo Event A Success, Launch Price Dropped To $24

Stealth-action game from Frozenbyte, Shadwen, recently had a special demo event where if gamers downloaded the free demo from the Steam store page and played through the demo multiple times, they could rack up points and drive down the initial launch price for the game. Well, Frozenbyte has sent out word that the event was a success and the launch price has been driven down to $24.

Originally Shadwen was going to launch at $35, but after more than 10,000 gamers downloaded the demo and racked up 1.5 million points and killed more than 50,000 guards, they were able to drive down the initial price of the game by more than $10.

Frozenbyte CEO Mr. Lauri Hyvärinen, commented about the event, saying in the press release…

“We are super stoked that players are playing the sneak-peek demo in such great numbers, and we’re even more delighted that the feedback has been almost overwhelmingly positive,” […] “Shadwen is taking bold steps in the stealth genre with its time rewind mechanics and physics-based gameplay, and we’re happy to see it’s resonating so well with players. We can’t wait to unleash Shadwen in all its glory!”

The developers also held an AMA on Reddit where gamers could ask them about the upcoming Shadwen and the problems they encountered with Trine 3: Artifacts of Power.

They feel as if they’re attempting to redeem themselves with Shadwen and bring gamers something worthwhile at the end of the month. The game itself is a medieval stealth title where players have to protect a little girl while navigating through complex environments to outwit and escape from the castle guards. One of the game’s selling points is that you can make it through the whole thing without killing anyone… if you want.

Shadwen is due for release on February 29th this Monday for $24. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.


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