Risk Of Rain Headed To PS4, PS Vita With New Matchmaking Features

Hopoo Games and Code Mystics are working together to bring the side-scrolling adventure game Risk of Rain to the PlayStation Vita and PS4 sometime within this first half of 2016.

Over on the PlayStation blog Duncan Drummond, co-founder of Hopoo Games, explained that they have all new online and local multiplayer features implemented into their game, including the ability to mix-and-match local and online multiplayer. Drummond explains…

“Now you can play on the couch, and on the internet — all at once! While we still have the four-player local co-op available in Risk of Rain, you can now play online lobbies while sharing a machine with your friend — up to two per machine. Wanna just play online instead? You can also invite your friends into your lobby through PSN to get all your game buddies into one lobby.”

It’s nice to see that the game is getting improved multiplayer support, especially when it comes to local play and mixing it with online play. You can see the trailer below to get an idea of what the side-scrolling survival game is like and how the gameplay is setup.

Risk of Rain Gameplay Trailer ~ PS4


It’s kind of neat that you only get one life and you have to survive as long as possible while uncovering new upgrades and items to stay alive.

It’s like Out of this World with a dab of Metal Slug, a slice of Terraria and a hint of Mega Man.

Unfortunately the post doesn’t say exactly when the game is launching on the PS4 and PS Vita, but they make it known that it’s coming at some point before the spring is out, presumably.

Oh, and one more thing, the PS Vita and PS4 versions of the game will be cross-platform will each other. So if you play online you’ll be able to utilize the cross-platform multiplayer matchmaking.

You can keep an eye out on the PlayStation Store for Risk of Rain for when it arrives at some point in the first half of the year.


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One thought on “Risk Of Rain Headed To PS4, PS Vita With New Matchmaking Features

  1. I hope that if the console launch goes well, Hopoo will double back and polish up the PC version. It’s still a good enough game if you’re looking for a balls-hard platform roguelite, but there are still some bugs and quirks that can really throw a player off. Hopefully they’ll be fixed for the console release, too – it’s bad form to leave stuff like that if you can help it.

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