Qasir Al-Wasat: How To Make Inflammable Solution (Second Puzzle)

This is a guide for Qasir Al-Wasat. You will make it to a point where there is a wall with magical symbols on it that is blocking your path, and the only way to pass it is to create the Inflammable solution, this guide will help you create it. Warning, there are small spoilers below.

What you need to create is a potion to blow the wall up. Just north of that wall is a secret Alchemy room with everything you need to make the potion in question. On the left table there will be the recipe, take a look at it so that our invisible Anti-hero knows what to do.

All of the potions have symbols and names, it will be too complicated using those symbols and names for this article, so instead we will number the potions from left to right.
Potions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

In order to make the Inflammable solution we need to combine potions 3 and 5, and than have a separate pipe leading to potion 1, and a final series of pipes leading to the final concoction vial to the right (That’s what I’m going to call it).

Inflammable potion

Here’s how we do it:
Step ONE:
Connect one of the L shaped tubes that curves up and to the right, place it so that it leads directly to potion 3.
Step TWO:
Connect a similar tube that goes up and curves left, place it so that it leads directly to potion five. Now we have to fill in the gap.
Connect the T shaped pipe to connect the above two pipes together.
Step FOUR:
There is a blue bottle, to me it looks like it has a ram’s head symbol on it, connect that to the T shaped pipe.
Step FIVE:
There is an upside down T shaped pipe, connect it so that the top piece connects to the blue bottle.
Step SIX:
Connect two long horizontal pipes together leading to the left, we are making our way to potion 1 now.
Place a pipe that curves up and to the right so that it also connects to the long horizontal pipe.
Step Eight:
Connect two vertical pipes so that it leads up to potion 1. We now have our basic setup complete.
Step NINE:
Back to the upside down T shape, we have to finish the puzzle by building to the right. Connect a peice that curves left and down.
Step TEN:
Connect a Straight Vertical piece below that.
Connect one of the L pieces that curves up and to the right to complete the puzzle. Now press SPACE to activate the final potion mixture.

Qasir Al-Wasat Second Puzzle Guide

You can read the full guide here:

Congratulations, you have now made the inflammable potion. It will appear on the table to your right. Take it to destroy the wall that is blocking your path to locate your first target.

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