Qasir Al-Wasat Guide: How to Solve Vulture Seal (Third Puzzle)

This is a guide for Qasir Al-Wasat. Warning, minor spoilers down below. Now depending on how you navigate the palace, this might actually be the fourth puzzle you come across, it depends on if you have already solved the northern Seal puzzle just north of the water patio. This puzzle however, is located to the north-west. I’ll tell you how to get there first.

From the main water patio, head west and leave through the door, you will find two men talking about finding the key for the locked door next to them. If you continue passed them and enter the next door you come across, it will lead you north. You will enter a room with an older dying man talking to his close friend about the Djinn that used to own the palace. Wait for the old man to finish talking and die from old age. A guard will exit from the locked door to the west and will proceed to investigate the body. Don’t bother going up, it will lead you to a wall of fire that you can’t cross, so we’ll come back to that later (future puzzle).

Instead, while they are all distracted, sneak into the puzzle room to the west where you will find Al-Saahir’s workbench protected by a magic seal.

This puzzle isn’t all that difficult after you understand how it works. So let’s break the puzzle down first so that you can understand. Before we continue, I arrange the seals by compass directions so that it is easier to describe, and than use clock positions for how you should rotate each of the seal dials. The objective is to align all of the glowing symbols where the three circles intersect to create a specific image. In this case, the image is that of a Vulture.

The West symbol starts off in the 12:00 position.

The East symbol starts off facing the 6:00 position.

The South symbol starts off facing the 8:00 position.2016-02-12_00001

How The Seals rotate
The West symbol also turns the East symbol in the same direction.

The East symbol also turns the South symbol in the same direction

And the South symbol also turns the West symbol in the same direction

To solve this puzzle we need to synchronize the East and south symbols so that they are both facing the same direction, preferably the 5:00 position, while leaving the West symbol facing the 12:00 position. This will align all the parts to help finish the puzzle. Confusing? Don’t worry, the below step by step guide will help you out. Press Alt-Enter to put the game in Window mode and use Alt-Tab to switch between this guide and the Qasir Al-Wasat game to complete the puzzle.


Buttons for your reference:
A= Clockwise
S= Counter-clockwise

Step ONE:
Rotate East dial clockwise twice.

Step TWO:
Rotate West dial counter-clockwise twice.

Rotate East dial counter-clockwise twice.

Step FOUR:
Rotate West dial counter-Clockwise Once.

Step Five:
Rotate East dial counter-clockwise twice.

Step SIX:
Rotate West dial counter-clockwise twice.

Is it easier to watch the puzzle? You can watch the video down below for reference to see how it is solved.

Qasir Al-Wasat third puzzle

You can read the written walkthrough guide here:

After that the dials should all align to reveal the image, and you will be rewarded with the Sorcerers notes.

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