Qasir Al-Wasat Guide: how to solve the Thick Glass Wall Puzzles

This is a guide for Qasir Al-Wasat. After solving the Lion Seal door puzzle you will enter a special warp zone where you will be faced with a couple of puzzles. The first thing you will notice is a thick glass blocking your path with no way to break it. If you walk to your right, you will notice a locked door with a floor puzzle. Every time you step on one of the tiles a series of them will light up. The objective is to turn all the lights on.

This is how you solve the floor puzzle-
Step ONE:
Step on the Bottom left tile.
Step TWO:
Step on the top right tile.
Step on the top left tile.
Step FOUR:
Step on the bottom right tile.
Step FIVE:
Step on the Center tile.

In simple terms, step on the four corners first, then step on the center tile to open the door.

Take the Aqua Fortis Stone, head south and enter the Alchemy room and drop the Aqua Fortis into the tubes by clicking on the bottles. Go back and take the Bismuth stone from the previous room and repeat the above step and drop it into the bottles. Read the alchemy recipe on the table to the right, then we’ll get to work in putting it together.
The names and symbols for making these potions are too complex and confusing for this article, so to make it easier for you I will label the potions from left to right as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Here is how we make the potion.

Step ONE:
Take an L shaped pipe and connect it to potion 2.

Step TWO:
Take the Y shaped pipe and connect it to potion 3.

Take the blue bottle with the ram symbol thing and connect it to the bottom of the Y shaped pipe.

Step FOUR:
Take another L shaped pipe that curves up and to the left and connect it to blue bottle, we are building towards potion 1.

Step FIVE:
Take the M shaped contraption thing with the circle on it and connect it to the pipe in step four.

Step SIX:
Place another L shaped pipe and connect it to the circle contraption device.

Place two vertical pipes together leading up to potion 1. We now have the first part complete, now we just have to make the second potion.

We need to make a squiggle because we are running out of pieces, so take a tube that curves to the left and upwards and connect that to potion 5.

Step NINE:
Take a pipe that looks like an r and connect it to the above mentioned pipe.

Step TEN:
Connect two vertical pipes leading down.

Connect the Flame symbol contraption (using the top valve) to the above mentioned vertical pipes.

Connect a long horizontal piece to the left side of the Flame contraption.

Connect an L shaped piece to connect it to the M shaped Circle contraption. We now have all the potions set up, we just need to finish it now.

Take the final L shaped piece and connect it to the bottom of the Flame contraption.

Connect the final long horizontal piece to finish the puzzle. Press space to complete the potion, then take the potion on the right side table.

Qasir Al-Wasat Through The Glass Door

You can read the full guide here:

Make your way out of the room back the way you came and into the special warp zone where the thick glass is located, and attack it to throw the potion and melt the glass. You can now cross through and enter the next area.

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