Qasir Al-Wasat Guide: How to solve the Northern Seal door Puzzle (Flamingo Seal)

This is a guide for Qasir Al-Wasat. This puzzle is extremely hard and took me forever to solve it in a way that was easy to write. If there is an easier way to do it, I don’t know how! Warning, there are small spoilers below.

You can complete this puzzle at any time as long as you make your way north. To clarify, this is for the Northern Seal door above the main water patio (with the giant star symbol). You will know you are in the right hallway because Al-Saahir will recite a spell for the wooden guardians as you pass by the right window in the long hallway leading to the seal door.

This seal puzzle is literally like trying to crack a safe and drove me mad! However, i found that you only need to tamper with two out of the three dials. The bottom dial isn’t needed to solve this puzzle.

Before we get started we need to understand how this puzzle works and what the dials do when we turn them. If you aren’t familiar with the way I write my guides, I recommend you read my Qasir Al-Wasat first seal puzzle guide to understand the below puzzle and why I use a compass direction system to solve the puzzles.

Just like before, we need to line up the glowing symbols in the center of the three circles where they intersect to create a specific image, the image in question is a Flamingo (There are actually Flamingo symbols on both sides of the doors).
So to get started, this is how the three seals operate:

West Symbol: Turning the West dial also rotates the South dial in the same direction by one turn.
East Symbol: East dial also rotates South dial in the same direction by one turn.
South Symbol: South dial rotates West dial in same direction by one turn.

Qasir Flammingo 2

The above image shows how the puzzle should look by the final step.

For your reference to make things easier, I will put the buttons down below so you know how to rotate these dials and not get confused:
A = Clockwise.
S = Counter-Clockwise,


Step ONE:
Rotate East dial counter-clockwise once.
Rotate West dial clockwise twice.
Rotate East dial counter-clockwise once.
Step FOUR:
Rotate West dial clockwise three times.
Step FIVE:
Rotate East dial counter-clockwise twice.
Step SIX:
Rotate West dial clockwise twice.
Rotate East dial counter-clockwise once.
Step Eight:
Rotate West dial clockwise once.
Step NINE:
Rotate West dial counter-clockwise twice.

Qasir Al-Wasat North Seal Puzzle Guide

This is “Qasir Al-Wasat North Seal Puzzle Guide” by nagamer on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The puzzle will now line up to complete itself. You may now proceed to the next room. Good luck!

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