Portal Knights Enters Early Access On Steam

Emergent adventure games where players take control of the world by crafting, creating, customizing and destroying are all the rage these days. The latest game to appear on the market taking on the survival-adventure concept is a title from Keen Games and 505 Games called Portal Knights.

The game just recently entered into Early Access on Steam, giving gamers the opportunity to create their own hero using a variety of customization tools, as well as challenge evil by crafting weapons and armor and fighting off larger-than-life bosses along the way.

The core game features procedurally generated 3D worlds, enabling gamers to adventure and explore massive sandbox worlds with a variety of random creatures, objects and locations to interact with.

The game takes a step up from the typical Minecraft combat system, enabling the use of dodging and rolling, as well as dynamic combat in third-person to satiate the polygonal blood-lust of hack-and-slash fans. For gamers more keen on home-life and survival, it’s possible to build a house, farm for food, scavenge for supplies, socialize in a crafted town, and even mine for ore to build bigger and better equipment.

There are options to play as a Warrior, Mage or Ranger as well as customize the gear to match both your aesthetic desires and play-style. There’s also a four-player cooperative mode available via online play.

You can get a taste of what Portal Knights is like with a video from YouTuber Draegast. He offers 13 minute preview of the gameplay so you can get an idea of what the mechanics are like, how in depth the controls and functionality are, and a scope of the visual art-style. Check it out below.

Portal Knights Gameplay – Meeting A Wisward – Portal Knights Multiplayer Funny Moments

Welcome back to another episode of Portal Knights Multiplayer Gameplay. In this episode of Portal Knights we get my good friend Matt Shea to join us in our adventres and progress further into this awesome little game! I hope you enjoyed this episode of Portal Knights, thanks for watching and liking :).

As part of the Early Access launch celebration there are some key customizable items being handed out for first adopters, including a flag and a cape.

One thing a lot of people worry about with Early Access titles is how long a game will be in Early Access. No one likes waiting forever for the title to sit in what’s essentially a pre-alpha or beta phase. According to the Steam page Keen Games doesn’t have any concrete dates in mind on when the game will graduate from Early Access, but they do note that they would like to get the game out sometime during 2016.

The core content has already been implemented in Portal Knights but they plan on adding in more worlds, monsters, equipment, items and quests. The developers are definitely welcoming feedback during the Early Access phase and they’ll be iterating on the game leading up to its full release.

If Portal Knights seems like a game worth checking out, you can do so right now by visiting the Steam store page. The game is available right now for $14.99.


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  1. First of those clearly minecraft inspired game that seems interesting to me, connected worlds and the rpg elements along nice visual sold it, I’ll give it a shot when it leaves early access.

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