Phantom: The Rebound Visual Novel Has Players Battling Supernatural Phantoms

If you liked the concept of Katsuhiro Otomo Akira but wanted to indulge your interests in similar concepts in a visual novel, Mikazuki Production is working on a visual novel called Phantom: The Rebound about inter-dimensional aliens that have supernatural phantoms.

As basic summary of the story is as follows…

“The story follows several young children who have been previously manipulated by a secret organization with ancient alien technology. These experiments resulted in the children having supernatural powers to step inside another living creatures soul/ consciousness through manipulation of space-time. They call them ‘phantoms’”

There’s a teaser trailer on the IndieGoGo page that doesn’t reveal anything about the visual novel but you can check it out below.

Phantom: The Rebound

Credit// DJ Satori Satya: Background Manhae Park: Video creation

The IndieGoGo page goes more in-depth, explaining that players will assume the role of Takuya, one of the kids who were part of the “Phantoms” experiment that fused him with alien technology. Takuya, however, went rogue after going insane and was eventually captured and had his memory erased.

Players will attempt to better understand Takuya’s predicament as he faces off against the malevolent “Phantoms” and recover his memories by interacting with various other kids.

It’s kind of obvious that some there’s some Akira and Carrie in there, so if you enjoy tales involving telekinesis, supernatural powers and high-tech aliens, I would like to assume you might enjoy Phantom: The Rebound. Mikazuki Production is also banking on gamers wanting to enjoy the visual novel as well.

You can listen to the soundtrack for the title that’s available on Soundcloud. Check it out below.

Mikazuki Production

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There’s a list of goods that’s described over on the IndieGoGo page for the kind of bonuses available for those who pledge. The project only has a goal of $500 and writer/director/producer Manhae Park is hoping to get the visual novel done and finished by August, 2016.

If you think the project sounds interesting and you want to learn more about it along with the characters and the project finances, feel free to visit the IndieGoGo page.


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