MAME 0.171 Sports King Of Fighters XI Dump

A number of games have been dumped into the newest version of MAME, version 0.171. It’s available for download right now over on the official website.

In the whatsnew changelog there are a ton of changes that have been implemented. There are things like fixed input for Cherry Masters, an English and Japanese dump for King of Fighters XI, a fixed dump for Dead or Alive 2, and a number of changes to the Atari sound drivers. I was never a big fan of King of Fighters XI, I thought the roster was a little weak. There were a few notable characters in the line-up that tried some different things but ultimately it was mostly a rehash of previous entries. That’s not to mention that the story seemed like it was just tacked on at the last minute… but I digress.

One of the most important parts of the update is the list of games that are now working in the latest version of MAME that may not have been working in previous versions. In this case, most of the games aren’t terribly noteworthy, with titles like Pyon Pyon Jump, Carnival King and the Fidelity series of games being promoted from “Not Working” status.

A number of clones have also been promoted, including Great 1000 Miles Rally, the isometric racing game from way back in the day. The 1993 1.0 revision of NBA Jam has been promoted from “Not Working” status, and the Italian version of Raiden Fighters 2 has been promoted. A number of lesser known games such as Moon Light, Cherry Master and Royal Poker ’96 have also been promoted, along with the classic Sega set 3 version of Frogger.

The games that no longer work in version 0.171 of MAME are mostly no-name games like Argox Rabbit Printer, Print Club, Dragon Treasure 2 and Wangan Midnight R. Nothing noteworthy.

You can download the latest version of MAME from over on the download page. The emulator clocks in at a hefty 35MB.


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