Legends Of Callasia, Card Battle Game Enters Early Access On Steam

Boomzap Entertainment’s Legends of Callasia is a card battling game that pits players against one another as they attempt to control various regions on the map while strategically strengthening their forces and powering-up their magic by unlocking new cards and overthrowing enemies in a high-fantasy, high-stakes adventure.

The free-to-play game looks as if it were brushed up from a mobile platform and elevated to meet the aesthetic standards of Steam. Players will be able to participate in the online multiplayer and skirmish matches while the developers fine-tune the gameplay and refine some of the mechanics leading toward the big release. They also have plans on implementing a full-on single-player campaign mode for those of you not interested in playing online against other players.

You can see what the overworld looks like along with some of the factions and card combat in the trailer below.

The main map reminds me of old games like Conqueror 1086 A.D. It was a legitimately awesome game back in the day and used to zap up a lot of my time back in the day along with X-Com.

Right now the game is free-to-play but they plan on raising the price as the game nears completion. They only plan on staying in Early Access for a couple of months and then they will fully launch on Steam. As mentioned on the Early Access page they will expand the content with the price…

“The Early Access build will have a free demo section, and you can get full access to the rest of the available content at $15.99 USD. This is a 25% discount from the full game price, which will be $19.99 USD on release.”

The multiplayer supports casual play, ranked play, friend finding, leaderboards and fast-paced, turn-based action.

You can check the game out right now, for free, on the Steam store via Early Access. For further info on the game feel free to hit up their official website.


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