Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset Review

This is a review for the Kotion Each G9000 gaming headphones and microphone. This headset is considered to be entry level budget headphones since they are so cheap, so in this review I will tell the pros and cons that I found with the Kotion Each G9000 headphones. I’m not entirely sure when these headphones came out because there is hardly any information about them on the official website, but most of the initial free product reviews that appeared on the internet seem to be around late 2015, so I would say they are fairly new.

Before we get started, I do want to say that these headphones are made in China, and as a result the packaging was quite cheap (but almost everything comes from China now days, so no surprise here). I bought my G9000 headphones from Amazon for about $23.99. It came inside an Amazon box inside a plastic bag surrounded by bubble padding. The headset itself didn’t have a box! The instructions, the headphones and the adapter were all thrown together in a single large plastic bag. The Kotion G9000 headphones come in three colors, they are: White and blue, black and blue, as well as black and red; I purchased the latter. The instructions did have a side of the pamphlet that was in English.

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I would also like to point out that there are two different versions of this headset, one with a single Audio and Microphone three band jack that plugs into your computer, and another version that comes with a split cable for your microphone and audio, which is normally for Laptops with two separate jacks.

If you follow the above Amazon link, I went with the single jack that came with the adapter so that I got the best of both worlds. I mention this because different sellers offer different products, and not all of them include the adapter.

While we are talking about it, the adapter itself is decent. The wires are a bit thin, but I think it will hold up for a couple of months before it gives out, I will give an update in the below comments when it dies.

There is also a USB cable that is used to plug into your computer to turn on the lights, it however does not affect the audio or microphone, it is purely used only to turn on the lights. So to clarify, the single braided cable splits into two parts, one for the audio and microphone and one for the USB plug. The bottom of the cord is about 8 inches in length from tip to split, so if your USB plug is on the opposite side of your audio jacks it may not be long enough to reach.

The overall length for the Kotion Each G9000¬† headphone’s cord is close to about 7 feet long, so it is pretty long, but the headset does come with a Velcro tie to hold it together so that you can shorten it to your liking. The cord is also braided to give it a bit more durability from fraying and breaking over time, so it doesn’t look nor feel cheap. The cord also has an inline volume adjustment knob that you can slide up and down to change how loud the volume is, but it has no marker to indicate if it is high or low, which I found to be a bit strange. The volume knob is huge though and a bit heavy which can be a bit distracting if it flops around, but after a while I did get used to it. The volume controller also has a switch to mute the microphone and turn it off, which I found to be quite handy.

The lights are vibrant and you can clearly see them in both the day time and at night, but it isn’t bright enough to light up a dark room to the point if someone walks by it’ll blind them. It is just bright enough so that you can see them and it looks cool without it becoming a distraction.

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Now for the headphones itself. The entire thing is made out of a shiny black, scratch resistant plastic. The audio quality is loud and clear and has Stereo sound, but I don’t believe it has high quality surround sound. The bass is a bit heavy for gun sounds and explosions, and when I was playing Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex, the sound of footsteps and the bullets whizzing by were crystal clear and helped to immerse me into the game.

For music, it is decent. I would say the mid-range audio is a tad bit muddy while the highs aren’t very clear, but I found it to be acceptable for the price range; when my favorite songs come on I rarely notice the quality of the audio. After all, the G9000 headphones are meant for gaming sound effects and not for audiophiles and their music.

When you put the headphones on and have audio playing, it blocks out the outside world perfectly, you won’t hear anything around you. The microphone has a very slight muffled sound quality to it, but for online gaming or Skype calls it is clear enough for the other person to hear you. The microphone is located on the left speaker and can only slide up and down, you can’t bend it to be closer to your mouth because it is one chunk of solid plastic. It is stiff so it won’t flop around or fall down by mistake if you set it in a specific position. I will put together an audio sample for you to hear the mic quality down below.

Kotion Each G9000 Headphone Microphone Audio sample

You can read the full review here: https://blogjob.com/oneangrygamer/2016/02/kotion-each-g9000-gaming-headset-review/

As for comfort, the headphones are light weight and extremely comfortable. It has a skin-friendly leather material that conforms to your head nicely. The top band has an almost sponge like feeling to it so you can wear it all day without discomfort. I also found that it doesn’t clamp to your head like a vice, but it is snug enough that they don’t fall off.

The earmuffs are large so that they fit over the entire ear, with a mesh like material on the inside to help with airflow and comfort. My ears don’t get hot, sweaty, or have any type of fatigue or discomfort while I wear them. Since I am a writer I am on my laptop all day, so I in turn wear them almost all day while writing and listening to music while reviewing games, so trust me when I say they are comfortable.

The Kotion Each G9000 headphones can adjust and slide up and down for larger head sizes, and the plastic band that extends up and down also has a metal supporting brace on the outside to keep it from snapping. Some people say it is made of steel, but if I lightly twist and bend the headphones around it is a bit flexible, so I would say it is probably actually aluminum, especially for this price range, but I could be wrong.

One final note, I primarily play video games on the PC, so I am not sure if this headset will work for other platforms, but other reviewers on Amazon commented and said that they did in fact work on the PS4, so if you trust them you can try it and let us know in the comments how it turned out.

Overall, for a headset that costs under $30 USD I actually really love these. I went through about five pairs of headphones last year around that price range and they were no good. So for $23.99, these are probably the best budget headphones that I’ve ever owned. They look cool, they fit perfectly, they have a nice sound quality, and the construction quality is actually pretty solid. The Kotion Each G9000 gaming headset is well worth the money. If they break or I change my opinion, I’ll let you know down in the comments, but so far I have no real problems with them.

If you are interested in buying these headphones you can purchase the Kotion Each G9000 from Amazon.com for about $23.99 USD. For additional information you can also visit the official Kotion website for further details.

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