Kill To Collect Is An 1980s Inspired Shoot-And-Loot Cyberpunk Rogue-Like

Retrowave synth? Check. Vibrant 3D art-style? Check. Rogue-like elements with procedural level design? Check. Four-player co-op? Check. Welcome to Pieces Interactive’s Kill To Collect, an isometric, multiplayer shooter where you earn way through survival… or you die trying.

The game hit all of my checkboxes right off the bat. I love the synthwave stuff, I love co-op shooters and I love the 1980s. Pieces Interactive kind of knows exactly who they’re targeting with this game and the teaser trailer briefly introduces players to the four playable hunters in the game who are paid to uphold “justice” in a crime-ridden, cyberpunk society. Check it out below.

Kill to Collect Teaser Trailer

Welcome to the last city on earth. Be prepared to earn your keep and die trying, as you travel further down this sleepless cesspool of murderous vagrants and cybernetic freaks, slicing and dicing your way to the bottom of your career.

The game is inspired by a lot of 1980s cyberpunk media, stuff like Crash & Burn, Ghost In The Shell and Akira instantly spring to mind, with lesser fare like Cyber City Oedo 808 seemingly creeping through the cracks.

David Rosén, Pieces Interactive CEO commented about the game coming to Steam this spring, and its multiplayer-based, cyberpunk-themed gameplay, mentioning in the press release…

“We set out to create a challenging action rogue-like with a rad, retro theme that gamers can jump into easily for shorter, adrenalized sessions,”[…] “In addition to the kickass 80’s vibe, Kill to Collect distinguishes itself through complex and immediate combat decisions – you don’t have time to stand around and ponder choices. The quick movements and hard-hitting action keep up a great momentum that just feels good!”

I really, really hope that the entire soundtrack contains more music from retrowave artists like Zombie Hyperdrive, the minds behind the music in the teaser trailer above. They mention in the press release that it will be an original synthwave OST, so I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.

In fact, if you want to listen to the full song featured in the trailer, appropriately called “Red Eyes”, you can check out the track and a few others from Zombie Hyperdrive with the super sexy, retro-tastic playlist below. A little shameless shilling here, but feel free to like and subscribe to NewRetroWave because they really are awesome.

Zombie Hyperdrive – Red Eyes

Amazing work from Zombie Hyperdrive Support – Artwork by Sam Todhunter: Get Your Retro Wear Here: Connect with us: ­__ – Visit and live your retro dreams.

For kill To Collect, players will attempt to restore peace and order in the Geoshelter Alpha while collecting bounties on the heads of criminals. Each of the four hunters will have their own abilities, weapons and fighting styles for players to master.

You can keep track of the Swedish-made game by paying a visit to the official website.


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