Infinite Resource And Shipment Glitch Works In Fallout 4 After Patch 1.3

Fallout 4’s unlimited resource glitch is back, which was found before patch 1.2, in patch 1.3. Players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can perform the infinite glitch by heading to their workbench and selecting the materials/shipment they want duplicated and storing them in the workshop.    

Just like clockwork, Bethesda still didn’t patch the most groundbreaking glitch in the game, which is the infinite resource glitch. Players can access this cheat by owning a settlement and a workshop to get double or infinite amounts of resource materials. As noted before (in the guide before patch 1.3) the hardest part is getting the timing down and pressing both buttons almost right after each other to achieve the proper result.

To initiate this glitch you will need to get the item/resource from a vendor and then head back to your settlement. Go to your workbench and empty out all of your junk out of your inventory and into a separate container. This will also work if there is nothing in your My Junk pile.

In the list you should see the item or resource and the amount you want to transfer over. This is where you will need to use the button timing mentioned above to achieve more resources or shipments. For Xbox One players they will need to press Y and then X, and for PS4 players they will need to press Triangle and then Square. Pressing these two buttons consecutively right after each other will prompt the Take All and Store All command to initiate the glitch.

This should put the given amount of items or shipments over to the workshop and keep the same item you transferred over into your My Junk pile.

You can check all of the aforesaid out below, courtesy of S-PRO Gaming.

Fallout 4 Unlimited Resources – After Patch 1.3 – Shipment Exploit Still Works


To clarify this glitch, you will need to first clear out your My Junk pile and then have the item or shipment you want duplicated in the My Junk pile converted over to the workshop by hitting the Store All button first, and then pressing the Take All button afterwards. It’s worth noting that this works with shipments, so that you can replicate more for massive amounts of shipments like copper, or adhesive.

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