How To Unlock Street Fighter 5 Costume Colors

One of the features of Street Fighter V that Capcom implemented is the ability to unlock costume colors for the characters. This enables players to express themselves online using one of 10 different colors for each and every character on the roster. Well, there’s a simple method for unlocking the costumes but it will require a bit of skill and some dedication in gameplay.

Event Hubs has a very basic guide on hot to unlock the alternate character costume colors using nothing more than the Survival Mode. So what do you do? Win. That’s all you have to do.

The 16 characters have 10 colors each and here’s how you unlock them.

Survival Mode Alternate Color Rewards

  • Easy, 10 matches – Color 3
  • Normal, 30 matches – Colors 4, 5, and 6
  • Hard, 50 matches – Colors 7, 8, 9, and 10
  • Hell, 100 matches – Title

You will start with two colors and the rest must be unlocked by doing the number of corresponding matches in Survival Mode to unlock the alternate colors.

You can see what some of the alternate colors look like with the photo gallery below.

Street Fighter V – Screenshots

This coincides with being able to unlock new characters as well using Fight Money. How do you unlock new characters? Well, you either need to spend about $6 in real life cash or you can save up to 100,000 Fight Money, or FM for short. You can use the FM to purchase new DLC fighters. Most people are saving up to buy someone like Abel, so while it’s possible to buy clothes using the FM the hardcore fans suggest holding off on costume purchases and getting the characters instead.

You only earn the Story Mode FM once per character, so save up and use it wisely. The rest of your FM will come from fighting in online matches. Again, the alternative is spending real life money.

Additionally some people have been curious about the story mode as well, and what the story mode is like. If you don’t have time to actually play through the story or you don’t care much about it, there is actually a complete movie compilation of all the character story mode cutscenes that you can see mashed together in a nice little hour and a half long video.

YouTuber MKFireAndIce decided to put together the story mode cutscenes that you can check out below.

Street Fighter 5 All Cutscenes Full Movie Story 2016

Street Fighter 5 All Cutscenes Full Movie 2016 reveals the story of Street Fighter 5 on PS4. Quarter up for the fifth game of this dominating fighter franchise. Stunning visuals depict the next generation of World Warriors in unprecedented detail, while exciting and accessible battle mechanics deliver endless fighting fun that both beginners and veterans can enjoy.

In story mode you can also unlock alternate costumes, as mentioned above, but the story costumes can only be accessed right now via mods. According to Twinfinite, the store isn’t open right now so even if you do unlock the story costumes you’ll have to wait until March to put them on the characters.

Now if you’re a glutton for a bit of punishment there’s a two hour complete playthrough from start to finish of each of the characters in their story mode segments. It takes all of the fun out of the game since you aren’t actually playing, but if you want to watch someone else play and see how the story mode cutscenes come together with the actual gameplay, YouTuber PS360HD2 put together a live-stream video that you can see below, featuring each of the 16 characters.

Street Fighter 5 – All Characters Story Mode Walkthrough (Live)

Full story mode walkthrough of Street Fighter V in one video! Subscribe to my New Gaming Channel PSXBHD –… Sub for more Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Attack on Titan, One Piece: Buring Blood, Dragon Ball Xenoverse ! Apply to the Fullscreen Network! –…

Street Fighter V is available right now for PC and PS4 for $59.99. Capcom has been very busy this launch week addressing some launch day bugs and hiccups, as well as fixing a lot of the complaints surrounding the game’s lag and network code. If there’s one thing that the FGC is going to complain about day-one is that netcode… they can’t afford to get bodied right off the bat going for broke due to some poor-man’s lag.

Anyway, Steam users are advising PC gamers to hold off on buying the game until the netcode gets fixed right proper, so expect that to happen sooner rather than later. In fact Capcom already posted on Steam that they have a hotfix out for the server-side networking issues on PC and PS4. So hang tight, they’re not going to keep you from your online victories (or losses) for long.

(Main image courtesy of Cross Aroma)


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3 thoughts on “How To Unlock Street Fighter 5 Costume Colors

    1. Western tastes? Interesting. A lot of people are loving the… uhh, “thickness” of the females so maybe that’s true (the gamers in South and Latin America most definitely love it).

      I’m curious if it’s the proportions, the shader filters or the facial designs?

    2. I didn’t like SF4’s graphic style much, and SF5’s graphic style looks too similar to the prequel as as well. Also, colour-wise I always found that in SF4 there was always a really dark, yellowy-green tone everywhere that I really disliked… and SF5 has a little of that as well. It’s kind of hard to explain but if you look at the screen-shot here with Chun-Li crossing her legs, you can see the dark and yellowy-green hue colours in the background.

      Tekken 7 and DOA5 instead has superb sharp, bright and vibrant colours everywhere, and in my opinion these two game series have always had the best visuals in a 3D fighting game. If there is to be a DOA6, the visuals in that will probably topple them all.

      However though, the quality and detailing of SF5’s visuals is superb though no doubt. It’s amazing how much graphics technology has progressed in the last 15+ years or so. I still remember my jaw hitting the floor when I saw Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast for the first time.

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