Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Trailer Unveils New Characters

Arc System Works has rolled out a new promotional trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, the next outing in the Unreal Engine 4-powered fighting game series, revealing a handful of brand new characters joining the roster, including some old fan-favorites.

The trailer is a rocket-busting thrill ride, clocking in at just under two minutes and featuring anime-style cinematics that are rendered in 3D. The art direction for the Xrd games really is just top notch, and the fact that it looks and plays like it’s in 2D just makes it that much better. You can check it out in the trailer below.


1998年にPlayStation®で産声を上げ、独創的なシステムや世界観、キャ­ラクター、音楽で世界中の幅広いファンを魅了した対戦格闘ゲーム「GUILTY GEAR」シリーズ。 そしてシリーズの最新作である『GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-』が「PlayStation®3」及び「PlayStati­on®4」で登場致します。 ギルティギアらしいスピード感溢れるバトル。そして、全世界で賞賛を受けた3Dグラフ­ィックで描かれる本作に、どうぞご期待ください。 『GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-』 公式サイト

Out of all the fighting games to come out this gen, Guilty Gear Xrd is the one that not only manages to stay true to its original 2D roots, but also evolve the core mechanics to meet the standards of eighth-gen gaming. It’s very rare that a series is able to achieve that level of continuity but Arc System Works managed to pull it off and gamers are loving them for it.

We find out that characters like I-No are back, along with Dizzy, Johnny and Jack-O. There’s also the standard returning characters, each bringing their trademark moves and signature looks with them.

One of the things that shocks me is the fact that this game is still coming to the PS3. I would have imagined that the decade old console would have been too old and decrepit to run a title like this at a reasonable frame-rate, but with some sleek optimization and fine-tuned scaling of the special effects, I suppose they can make it work.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- is due for release on May 26th, 2016. The game is already receiving a lot of high praise and strong positive feedback from gamers the world around. Arc System should be happy with the results.


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8 thoughts on “Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Trailer Unveils New Characters

  1. Best fighting game ever. Seriously. I think the professional community still prefer SF for what it represents historically to this industry, because Guilty Gear Xrd is just so much more evolved mechanics and it’s much more fair in every way.

    1. I haven’t played Guilty Gear in a while, but do they have any counter systems in place? While watching EVO it kind of looked like once a combo got going it wasn’t really possible to stop them.

      1. On the contrary, as far as blocking goes, GG has more counter than any fighting game I have ever played, there is even a passive counter to make infinite combos impossible. However, they require some good timing to perform them well.

        If you manage to block an attack (easy to do even in the middle of a combo) there are 2 kinds of counters you can make.

        The easiest one would be the “green blocking” or “faultless defense”, which is: when you are blocking, you kind hold two buttons down and some green rings appears around your character. If you get hit in green blocking you lose no HP whatsoever, your supermeter is consumed instead. Also your character gets pushed away farther than it normally would, which makes impossible for the enemy to chain complex hits/combos.

        The second one would be “White Blocking”. This one is similar to SFIII Parry mechanic. If you manage to block when your enemy is just about to hit you, your perform a White Block. Your character flashes white and you recover faster from your blockstun than your enemy recover from his hitstun, allowing you to get away or perform a fast attack to break his combos.

        And the third one would be the Alpha Counter, which is the official counter for combos. It doesn’t require much timing, but when you normally blocking, you can do an Alpha Counter to cancel your blockstun and do a fast pre-set attack from your character. It’s relatively easy to do, but uses a lot of supermeter so you can’t use oftenly, most pro prefer to get hit and use the supermeter to do some damage later.

        One that is not really a “counter” per se but I personally love is the “F+P Invunerability”. All characters have an attack that when you press the joystick and hit punch your character gets some invulnerability to the upper body. Timed well, this movement become an excellent counter to air-attacks, a must if you already know the shitting amount of divekicks that gets thrown around at every tournament.

        For cheap infinite combos there is the Burst Movement. If I’m not mistaken Killer Instinct has a similar mechanic but its implementation is sloppy at best.

        The Burst is a counter for when you didn’t managed to block and got hit. If your perform the Burst Movement, your character simply cancel it hitstun animation and “burst out” of the enemy range. Burst has it’s own meter instead of using supermeter (so a charcter that fill its supermeter faster can’t over use it) and you can only use burst about one time per round. After you use it once, your burst meter depletes completely and you have to wait for it to refill completely to use it again. The only way to fill it faster is to get hit, so if you’re getting your ass handed to you, it will fill faster allowing you to get another chance at your enemy.

        Since it’s so useful and you can only use one per round (Most of the times) there’s actually a lot mind games between pros, like stopping your attacks in the middle of a combo to make your enemy waste its burst.

        Lastly, as a failsafe, there is a passive mechanic against infinite combos (and fucking infinite blockers as well), which is the Guard Meter.

        It’s a red meter usually under a health meter. The meter starts at 50%, this is its natural, neutral position. It works like this:

        The more you block, the more the guard meter fills up. The more the guard meter fills up, the more health you will lose when you finally get hit. This is a beautiful mechanic against those buttholes that just stand in the bottom corner fighting like sissies (in amateur tournaments it’s easy to meet these assholes)

        But the opposite works just as well: You’re getting hit, your guard meter is consumed. The lower your guard meter gets, the less damage your health meter takes, to the point that if you bar get near 0%, each hit barely moves a pixel from the health bar. So, even if your enemy can perform infinite combos, at some point all of his attacks (not just that combo) will make no effect on you. Furtehrmore, the lower your guard meter gets, the faster you recover from hitstuns. This mechanic makes loop combos, combos that just repeats the same attack, useless since there will be a point where you character recovers faster than your enemy can hit another blow.

        One additional mechanic that is not really a combo breaker, but I also love it’s the Progressive Gravity. If you played games like Marvel versus Capcom you know how cheap air combos can get. In GG, the more you character gets hit in the air, the faster it falls to the ground, rendering impossible for your enemy to keep juggling you in the air.

        And I think that would be about it.

        What I like about this kind of design is that since every character has a whole set of defensive maneuver at their disposal it allows the developers to go crazy on character attack design. This is beautiful, I don’t think I ever found a more diverse and crazy character mechanics in a game than GG, even mobas don’t get that diverse.

        Cheap fighting games and most balanced PvP games in general have the bad habit of making every character feel similar in order to make it balanced and fair. It sure gets fair, but also gets boring, its cookie cutter design. If you know just an inch of GG you know how crazy the character attacks are: from shoving your fingers up in the opponent butthole, to money based attacks, to controlling 2 character at once to card battles types, there is a great amount of crazy mechanics in the game, and it all gets balanced enough to make it eligible for professional competition because of great range of defensive maneuvers. This great range of defensive maneuvers also makes the fight a whole lot more interesting if you know how to read them, come backs are more common, there is a lot of mind games between the players, and there is little reward for overly offensive or overly defensive players, forcing all of them to became balanced on their attack routines and read to flow of the battle better. I just love hits stuff.

        I think the main reason GG isn’t more popular at fighting tournament it’s simply its culture: it’s anime, over-the-top comedy presentation, it’s not something everyone can understand, unfortunately.

        If you can appreciate that eastern cheezyness however, you have incredibly well animated, over the top, funny, crazy, very well balanced and complex figthing game. I urge everyone to give it a try.

      2. Complex mechanics tend to drive most people away, though. I can never get people into fighting games because they always complain that they’re “too complex”.

        So what if they have lots of depth? Just makes the experience deeper and richer. It’s one of those things where you start simple and then work your way in deep.

      3. Indeed. To me, this always seems like bitching for those who don’t wanna try.

        It’s not the game is hard to learn, on the contrary, most fighting games are pretty easy to learn. They are incredibly hard to master, but if given the right directions, even your mom can beat the arcade.

        Some GG actually had an Arcade Beat’them up mode included inside the game to give you some co-op blast with your friends. I always loved that because then you can convince theses newbies to come along, introduce them to the game and carry them along while having some fun. That’s my only complain against Xrd, but given how much they working to make the fights look and feel good, this complain is more like a pet peeve.

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    3. GGXrd also looks and feels vastly superior in every way.
      I don’t like GGXrd’s echoey voices and loud music, though. But then, I don’t really like SF4/SF5’s music either. Older game music was so much better.

  2. I used to be confused as to why anyone liked Guilty Gear. Never imagined a day when Guilty Gear would be >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Street Fighter.
    As far as I’m concerned, that day arrived along with Guilty Gear Xrd.

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