Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Now Available

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Techland released the official launch trailer for Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition to let gamers know that the new DLC and enhanced edition are currently available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The launch trailer is sick. It’s a slick combination of story segments and in-game play. Whoever the marketing team was in charge of putting together clips for the game apparently actually played it because they managed to grab some of the more intense and engrossing segments from the new expansion. They dabble in the new features such as the dune buggies and the upgrades, as well as the new weapons and location. This is all interspersed with the game’s very mysterious story.

You can check out the launch trailer below.

Dying Light: The Following Official Launch Trailer

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Kyle Crane heads outside of Harran City to find out more about a cult who can supposedly tame the undead and cure the zombie virus outbreak. He finds out this information from the standard dying-man-with-a-clue trope and decides to investigate the outskirts of the city to find out more about the cult.

Just like in the standard game, The Following allows players to team up with three additional friends to tackle the story and side-missions in four-player co-op. The “Be The Zombie” mode also makes a return to form, allowing one person to take on the role of the Night Hunter and attempt to kill the four other human players in the asymmetric PvP. There’s an added element of challenge now that the dune buggies play a significant role in both travel and combat.

Dying Light was one of the rare breakout hits of 2015 because when it launched Techland seemed to put fun factors and quality gameplay at the forefront of their efforts. If you enjoy crafting weapons, cutting off zombie heads and engaging in frantic, fast-paced parkour-based platforming and combat, it’s definitely a game for you.

I’m interested to see how the more grounded, road-based travel will affect the pace and intensity of the game in The Following DLC expansion. There’s also the added Nightmare difficulty that will attempt to further challenge players with even harder zombies and more difficult gameplay.

You can grab a physical copy from a retailer near you or a digital copy from a digital e-tailer for the PS4, Xbox One or PC.


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7 thoughts on “Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Now Available

  1. I think this is going to be a real hard sell as a lot of people who played that game seemed really disappointed and burned out on it fast. Sure there are some who enjoyed it though but the majority of players likely aren’t going to give a shit that there’s an expansion.

    1. I liked the game. The melee was fun and slicing zombies in half like a katana wielding reddit goon never get’s old. The quests and side quest where quite interesting and varied, albeit linear. The only flaw is that the game becomes a cakewalk in higher levels, thanks to his RPG structure.

      1. I still haven’t gotten around to playing it myself, just heard a lot of people complaining that it was too similar to other games such as Far Cry and their own Dead Island games made before. The people who do like it seem to really love it though.

      2. It is similar to Far Cry and Mirror’s Edge games, which is not a bad thing at all. They could only focus on a more open ended approach to quest decisions like Deus Ex and it would be Heaven.

      3. I actually like Dying Light more than I like Far Cry, only because it doesn’t feel as copy-pasted. The parkour really does work great in Dead Island. It’s not quite as fluid as Mirror’s Edge but it’s satisfying enough, and as fnd mentioned, the melee combat feels really good. I actually like the melee combat more in Dying Light than in Mirror’s Edge, but only by a smidge.

        More than anything, Ubisoft needs to take tips from Techland on how to make an FPS game feel thrilling, dangerous and exciting. They seem to be coasting by these days.

      4. I think if Far Cry 5 isn’t a proper evolution in the series than bets are on they’re heading down the AC quick buck sequels route.

  2. I enjoyed playing DL, even more with friends during a co-op game. Though IMHO the game felt like it was to short; especially when you max out your character. Nowadays I just play Zombie Invasion (drop kicking and air assasinating the Night Hunter feels so satisfying… until the player rage quits lol) though even a maxed out NH feels easily underpowered in a 1 v 4 match. I may download The Following, but first I’ll watch some vids on YT and see what how well it plays out.

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