Creepy Road Travels To Kickstarter After Successful Greenlight Campaign

Crazy bears, killer clowns and zombie-like citizens traveling around town are all part of the standard enemy line-up for Groovy Milk’s upcoming 2D side-scrolling, action-shooter game called Creepy Road.

The title sees players in a series of run-and-gun environments while searching for the protagonist’s girlfriend. As Flint Trucker, players will have access to more than 10 different weapons ranging from pistols to shotguns to flamethrowers, all designed to dispatch some outrageous bad guys and screen-filling bosses. You can see the Kickstarter pitch video for Creepy Road below from the Russian-based developers.

They have additional accessories for players to utilize as well, as they turn Flint into a one-man commando, throwing grenades at cows with a Gatling gun for udders, or lobbing a Molotov cocktail at a bandanna-wearing, balloon-carried panda. The game is fairly crazy and offers players up a challenge of 30 different enemy types, all animated with a lot of colorful verve and crazy designs.

The environments will take flint from the creepy road itself into forests, farmlands, a carnival and even an idyllic 1960s style suburbia.

You can see some more of the gameplay in a teaser trailer below.

Creepy Road [kickstarter teaser]

Creepy Road (Canceled)

GroovyMilk is raising funds for Creepy Road (Canceled) on Kickstarter! Creepy Road is a 2D Run & Gun game with classic gameplay, funny characters and great art style.

Groovy Milk managed to get the title Greenlit for Steam last year. It first made its appearance in the fall during the height of the Fallout 4 fever, but gamers did pay it some mind and eventually gave it enough thumbs up that Valve put a stamp on and certified it for release on the Steam store.

At this junction the developers are accruing funds to help finish the development of Creepy Road for PC and Mac by August of this year, and with a bit of luck they hope to hit some stretch goals to bring it to the Xbox One and PS4 as well. They were inspired by games like Metal Slug with its crazy collection of vibrantly animated enemies, along with Comix Zone and its story-oriented combat, and combine those with the uncompromising brutality of Battletoads. They plan on sprinkling in some hardcore rock music to help set the mood and put players on their way. You can check out some samples for the soundtrack with the SoundCloud entry below.

Creepy Road the game – start music 2 by Groovy Milk

Stream Creepy Road the game – start music 2 by Groovy Milk from desktop or your mobile device

If the game seems remotely interesting to you or if you think there’s more to learn that might help put your mind in a place where you’re smelling what Groovy Milk is cooking, then feel free to visit the official Kickstarter page. The game still has 29 days to go as of the writing of this article, with a $30,000 goal.


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