Adventures Of Mana Launches For iOS, Android February 4th

Square Enix is bringing back the Mana series but not in a way that many longtime fans have probably been expecting. The adventure RPG will be making a return on smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

A trailer was recently published to give gamers a heads-up about the isometric RPG making its way to smart devices starting February 4th later this week. All Games Beta managed to get their hands on the launch trailer, which you can check out below.

Adventures of Mana Trailer ~ iOS/Android & Vita (Japan only)

The game is 3D like the newer Mana games instead of the classics on the SNES and PSX, which were sprite-based with hand-painted backdrops.

The gameplay itself seems closer to the likes of Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap than the traditional Secret of Mana gameplay. And by that I mean the combat isn’t quite as action-oriented with the combos or weapon switching. Then again, in the older titles they were multiplayer-oriented so it was essential to have other party members utilize different weapons to help offset whatever main weapon that the first player wielded.

With Adventures of Mana the combat is definitely slower, but it’s also designed to accommodate a single-player adventure. Combat also still pauses when opening up the menu to allow players to choose magic and other items, and the isometric combat is still complimented with traveling around and talking to various NPCs and gathering quests. Weapons aren’t just for combat, though. As you see in the video below, the game requires players to utilize the weapons for getting around the environment.


Uploaded by seikenpr on 2016-01-30.

Ever since Seiken Densetsu 3 Square hasn’t been able to pick up the pieces and deliver a Mana game quite as good. I tend to doubt that a throwaway game on the iOS and Android will make much a difference at this point given how few people will have likely heard about it.

If it does well enough we might expect to see it on additional devices.

For now the game will be limited to mobile devices and you can expect to see it on the iTunes app store and Google Play store starting February 4th. For more info you can learn more about the characters, story and combat by visiting the official website.


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