Shadows Of Adam, 16-Bit RPG Heads To Kickstarter January 20th

A new 16-bit inspired role-playing game called Shadows of Adam puts players in the role of a young hero seemingly abandoned by his father. Players will have to discover what happened and why, as well as grow into a formidable warrior to thwart the evil that threatens the land.

Developers Something Classic Games have been working on the title and prepping it for Kickstarter starting January 20th. In the press notice they describe some of the places that gamers will encounter as well as how they invested a lot of time and passion into bringing Shadows of Adam to life…

“Shadows of Adam is a 16-bit era, character-driven JRPG with an indie soul. Players will journey through a vivid and mysterious world and take on a cast of comical and brutal foes in fast-paced battles. Take control of our hero Kellan and navigate your way through a multitude of treacherous dungeons such as the ominous Tangle, dizzying Wind Tower, or foreboding Haunted Swamp”

You can see what the game looks like in action with the trailer below.

Shadows of Adam – Announcement Trailer

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The game will hearken back to the days of titles coming of age games like the original Tales of Phantasia or Albert’s Odyssey. The graphics and themes are ripe with SNES aesthetics, bringing the 16-bit era of graphics into 2016.

The game is running on the ImpactJS game engine and is currently being built for Windows, Mac and Linux users. So yes, there will be some SteamOS support assuming it gets through the Greenlight process.

A playable demo will be made available on January 20th along with the Kickstarter campaign, and if all goes as planned the team would like to see Shadows of Adam released in the summer of 2016.

The combat is turn-based and features a lot of the typical attacks, magic and abilities one would expect from a JRPG-inspired title. According to he press notice some of the characters will even have the ability to bodyslam dragons… just like in Final Fantasy VI.

You can keep track of the game by hitting up the official Shadows of Adam website.


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