Rolling Gauntlet Trailer Showcases Impossible Looking Platform Levels

I’m going to come out and say that this game looks like it would drive the average player mad with its complex and challenging level designs and teeth grinding obstacles that constantly try to kill you. Welcome to the Rolling Gauntlet, a new indie platform game developed by Aundre Rogers (Also known as GM_Dre).

Rolling Gauntlet plays similar to Super Monkey Ball or Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg, where you must guide your orb (it looks like a beach ball) to the designated goal to complete the stage. But when you see the crazy level designs you will quickly see how this game could become almost impossible to actually beat. The stages take place out in space with a series of floating platforms that you have to cross. The complex level designs have objects in them that will really test your skills and patience to reach the end of each level.

roll 2

The name Rolling Gauntlet serves this game well, because you will have to run a gauntlet of more than forty stages to actually beat this game. The stages appear to be thin beams that you have to balance across, but there are various obstacles that block your path, such as rotating platforms, moving floors that constantly try to knock you off, high walls that resemble a pachinko game where you have to bounce the ball from the top to reach the goal at the bottom. There are other moving objects as well, like laser beams that slide across the floor, giant windmills that spin to knock you off platforms, teleporters that will warp you to another location, and a variety of other deadly traps and moving obstacles that will send your little orb launching through the air to fall to its doom to keep you from completing the level.

Want to see what the game is like? Developer GM-Dre posted a trailer video on YouTube that I linked down below to show what the game is like.

Rolling Gauntlet Trailer 2

Vote on Steam Green light Test the dexterity of your fingers and the strength of your resolve with this original yet familiar game. The objective is simple: guide the orb through each level’s course to the end. But do not be fooled.

Originally this game appeared on Steam Greenlight and was successfully voted through by the community to appear as an official Steam game. If you think your skills and reflexes are good enough to complete the Rolling Gauntlet, you can head over to the Steam Store page to check it out. It has just launched on January 15, 2016, and is available for about $4.99 USD.

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