Quantum Lock Sees Players Battling In Anti-Virus Arena Deathmatches

Quantum Lock is an indie game developed by Fat Bomb Studios that first came out back on December 14th 2015. Quantum Lock places players inside of the digital world in a death-match arena where rogue programs are running loose and attempting to corrupt the system while gathering data, the anti virus programs don’t like that, the anti-virus programs want to keep the system clean and spam free, and so the battle begins.

Players will choose to either be an anti virus program attempting to capture all the rogues or a rogue program that is attempting to steal data and run free, as they go head to head in this Tron inspired multiplayer game.

quantum lock 2

Quantum Lock has both online multiplayer as well as four player split-screen local multiplayer. You can customize your programs color and choose from one of ten classes, each having four upgradable abilities that you can level up to make stronger. Don’t have any friends or can’t find a game to join? No worries, the game also has offline single player to battle against the AI so that you can still enjoy the game without playing against other players, or just use it to practice and hone your skills.

Quantum Lock has 8 arenas for you to sneak, jump and battle your way through in fast paced action combat. Fat Bomb Studios uploaded a series of videos for the game, so I linked two down below so you can see what the game is like.

Quantum Lock Release Trailer

A fun little indie game fashioned after freeze tag 🙂 Check it out on Steam here https://store.steampowered.com/app/411720/ “Ouroboros” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

For the most part the game is played similar to King of the hill where you must gain points to win the round, but a bit more complicated. The below video does a much better job explaining all the possible ways youcan gain points for both Rogue programs and the anti virus. You can take a look below.


Overview of Points in Quantum Lock https://store.steampowered.com/app/411720/

Based on the reviews, majority of the players enjoy this game, especially since it is a Greenlight title that visually looks nice and has pretty unique gameplay that is both challenging and fun. I haven’t personally played Quantum Lock myself, but the game does look really fascinating and has piqued my interest. If you are interested in playing Quantum Lock you can visit the Steam Store Page, or visit the official Fat Bomb Studios website for further details.

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2 thoughts on “Quantum Lock Sees Players Battling In Anti-Virus Arena Deathmatches

  1. “No worries, the game also has offline single player with bot support so that you can still enjoy the game without playing against other players, or just use it to practice and hone your skills.”

    I have looked on the STEAM-page, and nowhere does it say anything about Bots. It just mentions the usual throwaway “Arena Mode”-type crap, which is something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

    Unless you have understood something I don’t, you have done an extremely poor job with this article. For the future, please check your sources, check your wording, and be careful not to spread misinformation like this, ever again.

    1. Ah, sorry to disappoint.The game just released and there is very little information about that game mode. There are very few videos released at the time of writing this article, but most cover the player vs player modes.

      The Steampage says-
      “Offline simple arena mode (player v. AI) ” so I assumed that the AI would function similar as a bot for players to practice offline. I’ll try to find more information about this offline mode and how it works and the game options. I would prefer to get a copy of the game to review it in more detail. If i find information that suggests the player vs AI mode is limited and they are not in fact bots, I will adjust the article. The developers have this topic from December 16th where someone asks if there are bots and the Devs talks a bit about it:


      FatBombStudios [developer] :
      “We are in the process of adding a single player mode as we speak. The first prototype of it will be available this Friday (12/18/2015).”

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