Listen To League Of Legends’ Remixed Warsongs

Riot Games announced that the album “Warsongs” is available right now for free. It’s the second free original soundtrack featuring music from their popular MOBA title, League of Legends.

As noted by PC Gamer, the album is up and available right now, for free, from various distribution services, including iTunes, the Google Play store, YouTube and Soundcloud.

They have a list of all the tracks in listening order below.

  • Piercing Light (Mako Remix)
  • Edge of Infinity (Minnesota Remix)
  • Welcome to Planet Urf (Jauz Remix)
  • PROJECT: Yi (Vicetone Remix)
  • Flash Funk (Marshmello Remix)
  • Let The Games Begin (Hyper Potions Remix)
  • Worlds Collide (Arty Remix)
  • The Glory (James Egbert Remix)
  • The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
  • Lucidity (Dan Negovan Remix)
  • Silver Scrapes (ProtoShredanoid Remix)

I’ve listened to this album and it rocks. Well, technically it’s more like progressive trance with a side-order of dubstep. And don’t worry, because if you’re the kind of music aficionado who feels as if dubstep is little more than subwoofers suffering from the auricular rendition of a bad case of Taco Bell being expelled in the form of base-drop flatulence, the album does not contain that kind of dubstep. In fact, you can listen to the whole thing below courtesy of the Soundcloud stream below.

Warsongs by LeagueofLegends

Stream Warsongs, a playlist by LeagueofLegends from desktop or your mobile device

The songs are all remixed by well known producers and artists within the trance scene, with notable names like Vicetone, MitiS and Mako all lending their talents to the album.

Alternatively, you can download the songs or grab them from over on the official League of Legends website.

If you’re fan of League of Legends the album is probably worth checking out or listening to while you scour the latest mods for Fallout 4 or the latest outrage on Kotaku in Action. Alternatively, the music works as a nice hold over until you can get your hands on Jhin The Virtuouso.

(Main image courtesy of kse332)


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