Linkrealms, Isometric Sandbox MMO Enters Early Access March, 2016

Mythyn Interactive’s Linkrealms, an isometric MMORPG, will enter into the next phase of beta testing starting January 9th, where the winter beta will commence. This will be followed by a launch into Steam’s Early Access.

The news was made recently as the developers sent out a press release indicating that they are still moving through the design process at a steady rate following the fall beta test that took place back in November. The winter beta test isn’t just stress testing the servers, they plan on testing out some of the brand new features as well, including the ability for players to create up to five characters per account, and a new contract system for ordering clothing and weapons through NPCs.

The press release also clarifies how the Early Access will work and what it means for those who purchased the Founder’s Pack…

“Together with the announcement of the Winter Beta, Mythyn Interactive has confirmed that the team is actively working on the integration of Linkrealms with Steam, and that launch on Early Access has been scheduled for March 2016.


“The game has already successfully completed its Greenlight campaign in less than three weeks in July 2015. Every purchaser of a Founder Pack will be able to play Linkrealms on Steam Early Access, without the need to pay any additional fee.”

Those who purchased the Founder’s Pack will also have automatic access into the winter beta that starts on January 9th at the end of the week.

The game itself may be a lower budget MMO but it has some interesting, open-world PvP style designs that are usually rare in most theme park RPGs. You can get an idea of what Mythyn Interactive is going for with the trailer below.

Linkrealms – Official Trailer

Linkrealms is a Free-To-Play Sandbox MMORPG featuring player owned land, classless game-play, crafting and player driven economy, open world, non-instanced dungeons, advanced per system and open pvp/full loot servers. Steam Greenlight: Registration: Facebook: Twitter:

While the graphics aren’t the greatest, the gameplay looks to be fairly in-depth… the ability to raise pets, craft armor and weapons, form guilds and battle bosses, as well as explore the game world and player-kill to loot some goods makes for an interesting setup. It’s a little like Ultima Online or DarkEden.

You can learn more about Linkrealms by hitting up the game’s official website.


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