Linea The Game, Arcade Reaction Game Drops Onto Steam

Linea The Game is a fast-paced indie arcade style game that is purely based around your reaction time, and how fast you can move and process the images coming towards you. Linea originally started as a Steam Greenlight game and was developed by KHB-Soft. After receiving enough votes, the game moved through development to finish the game and squash any bugs it had, then released on Jan 4th of 2016.

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The entire concept of the game is quite simple as all you have to do is survive for more than 60 seconds in the game. Linea only has four stages, plus the tutorial level, but the challenge comes in from the ridiculous speed that the game moves and how fast the objects come at you. You must maneuver, left, right, up or down to dodge, as red colored objects fall faster and faster towards you to reach your goal of surviving for one minute.

To make it even harder, the object’s position will slightly change so you will never know what to expect when you start a new game. If you want to survive you will need to grit your teeth, move fast, look ahead, and dodge the incoming objects at a frantic pace. Even if you survive for 60 seconds you can continue to keep playing to rack up score to make it in the hall of fame.

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All four stages are unique, each having their own special challenges, designs and music to make the level more difficult and to add a bit of diversity among the stages. As you play through the levels you will have bitpop music playing in the background, which is pretty much 8-bit pop music.

If you like unlocking Steam achievements you will be happy to know that there are over 20 hidden achievements for you to discover and unlock, as well as Online leaderboards to compete with other players, and they have also added in Steam trading cards that you can earn.

If you are interested in playing Linea The Game, you can head over to their Steam Store page for further details.

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