Journalists Worry More About Anime Women Rights Than Real Human Rights, Says Manga Artist

In the age of outrage, media journalists weave and route the emotions and attention of the general public toward various topics where they want them to argue, throw fits and boycott based on the oftentimes shoddy information that they provide. Survival Island 3 and #GamerGate are perfect examples of that. Well, one Japanese manga artist, Toshio Maeda, had no qualms about calling out journalists for their faux moral grandstanding on behalf of fictional anime and video game women, yet maintain practical silence on the victimization of real life women.

Best known for his erotic manga and anime works such as La Blue Girl and Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Maeda-san states in an interview with Operation Rainfall

“American journalists have come to me and told me that my hentai scenes will corrupt American youth. Yet, you still have very little gun control in America, and kids have access to this all the time. You see in Japan, nothing happens, you can walk on the street in the middle of the night with a skimpy T-shirt or a mini-skirt on and nothing happens, but, in American, seems like you really care about the human rights of the anime and manga world. You don’t give a shit about real human rights, but you will do all you can to judge or put down Japanese culture.”

That’s not even just the truth what Maeda states… it’s a sad and depressing truth.

A friend of adult film star Mercedes Carrera had her home broken into and she was brutally raped by a gang. So-called “Social Justice Warriors” offered no support, nor any sort of condemnation of the attack through their media platforms. Why? Because they don’t care about adult film stars, and because Mercedes is an advocate for ethics in media journalism… so they don’t consider her causes worth fighting for. Majority of the news coverage of the event came from local British outlets, right wing MRA groups, as well as a lone report providing context to the whole event by the Daily Dot.

Why We Must Take Action- The Porn Charity, Mercedes Carrera

Today’s topic (rant) will be on the injustice and inequity of modern faux feminists, who ignore real sex workers while worrying about digital ones, and why if we want the world to change we must take action ourselves. Also a call to action for Cytherea, who was brutally assaulted and raped in her home and needs support from us now.

An even more egregious crime of late is the government-backed media blackout on the refugees having organized the sexual assault of females in Cologne, Germany during the new year’s eve celebrations at the end of 2015.

Countless women were victimized during the attacks, and police reports seem to bury the details of the attacks all while mainstream media diverts attention away from the crisis. This is an actual act of legitimate rape culture and the media has attempted to cover it up.

Only a few outlets ventured to report on it, mostly those who don’t identify as part of the left-wing “Social Justice” movement, such as Breitbart — who did a report on major social media outlets such as Google, Facebook and Twitter capitulating to government coerced censorship, in addition to Reddit conspiring to hide the news from the general public.

The Telegraph also did a report at the beginning of January of this year, noting that the mass rape cover-up was part Germany’s way of making the mass refugee migration look less threatening to the current Cologne culture.

In this regards we’re seeing rape culture being advocated by media to push for the appearance of cultural integration between war-ravaged refugees and native German citizens, all at the behest of Germany’s acting prime ministers working under directives from Chancellor Angela Merkel.

This disturbing incident was also detailed with a brief look at one of the police reports over on the New Observer Online, where they recount “mass sex attacks” and “rapes” amongst other heinous acts carried out over the new year’s eve celebrations. One of the German police reports can be viewed below.

Instead of the media coming down hard on the religious and cultural sects advocating mass rape culture against the female citizens of Cologne, the media decided to spin the story and cover it up; literally silencing the voices of rape victims.

Worse yet is that various subs on Reddit that are supposed to report on major news — such as the /r/News and /r/Europe subs– have actually been found working in conspiratorial fashion to censor news about the events that happened in Cologne. The censorship of the news has been cataloged by Kotaku in Action across various threads, which pretty much means either the other major news sub-Reddits are complicit in condoning the attacks or they don’t care.

It’s interesting because there was a recent thread on imgur where a South African recounted being the victim of a gang initiation two years ago back in 2014 by a Zimbabwean immigrant who was homeless. She shows a series of photos and mentions that crimes such as the one she suffered from happens often but isn’t reported by the news.

2 years ago a gang initiation took something from me.

That special person, who told me non-stop I was beautiful no matter what? He became my boyfriend. And I honestly do not know what I did in my past life to desserve such an amazing kind and caring man. Really, Ben I love you.

The media has become so entrenched in a narrative of pushing for a fixed ideological construct of diversity that they’ve completely forgone the need to inform the public, and have instead opted to reform the public.

These sociological agendas have cropped up a selection of activists within major media outlets thanks to lists like Journolist and Game Journo Pros, which have enabled groupthink to settle in and direct the narrative across websites affecting millions of readers the world around.

In the case of manga and hentai artist Toshio Maeda, he recognizes that the media is biased, deluded and misdirected in their aim for pushing ideological agendas without always counting the costs. While moral crusading is much appreciated in certain sectors and for certain causes, we can see how focusing on bouncing anime boobs and jiggle physics in video games pales in comparison to events that consist of real life victims literally being raped of their voices.

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