For Honor Has A Single-Player Mode; Viking Info Coming Soon

Ubisoft hasn’t been terribly vocal about one of the best games to come out of E3: For Honor. It’s like a new generation of Bushido Blade on steroids. The game will house both single and multiplayer modes, including a single-player campaign mode.

In a video interview with Ubisoft producer Stephane Cardin that seemed to go mostly ignored when it went up several days back, sheds some light on what gamers can expect from For Honor and rolls out some details on the upcoming hack and slash action title. You can check out the video below, even though it’s light on gameplay.

For Honor 2015 Producer Highlights [US]

In this End of the Year interview, Producer Stephane Cardin goes back to the announcement of For Honor to discuss his most memorable moments of the year. Also, he tells a few words about the philosophy of the team, and what they are cooking right now for the new year.

While Cardin acknowledges that a single-player campaign is present in the game, he doesn’t clarify if there will be a campaign for each class – for the Samurai, Viking and Knights – or if it will be a single campaign that spans all three factions. It will be interesting to see and learn more as time goes on.

And speaking of Vikings… they are the one character class that have not been spotlighted much in Ubisoft’s limited promotion of For Honor. According to Cardin the Vikings will get more face time soon enough as the company rolls out more info throughout 2016 leading up to its release.


As for when For Honor will release? No idea. They don’t even give a hint as to what quarter we can expect it in. I imagine Ubisoft will keep pumping some minor promotion into the game and eventually delay it into 2017 if they don’t start unveiling more content soon. But hey, I don’t mind the wait so long as the game is solid and polished.

It’s a shame that rehashed concepts at Ubisoft get a lot more attention than some of their more original ideas, but it’s good to see that they haven’t completely abandoned For Honor the way some other games have been left by the wayside like some kind of unwanted stepchild.

You can keep track of For Honor and the sparse but eagerly awaited new content reveals by hitting up the game’s official website. The game is in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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