Final Fantasy XV Developers Detail City Exploration And Air Combat

According to a Q&A that Gearnuke had picked up from on the Final Fantasy XV forums, players will be able to experience some interesting features regarding air battles and city exploration. The upcoming Final Fantasy game will come out sometime this year for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Q&A that Gearnuke had picked up that Final Fantasy XV Lead Planner Ishikawa Tomonori, Lead Game Designer Takizawa Masashi, and Lead Level Designer Terada Takefumi had with fans on the forums, gives folks a nice idea on what will be in the upcoming Final Fantasy game. The Q&A that the devs and fans had, covered the city exploration, the difficulty and air combat.

The first question noted by the fans was how big are the cities, like Altissia and Insomnia. With Tomonori’s response, he didn’t tell everything about Altissia, but he did note that there will be a lot of locations that you will be able to go in like cafes, ship-bourne markets, parks and “etc.” The city was noted to be a “considerable scale,” which even had some of the devs confused on where to go.

Not only will you be able to visit restaurants and roam the streets, it was noted by Tomonori that you will be able to encounter unique characters when exploring the city streets, which could add some excitement to your daily stroll through the city to get equipment or items.

Tomonori also noted that folks that visit the city of Altissia will be able to ride the gondola to see new areas of the city and enjoy the sights. From the sounds of it, folks will have quite a bit of things to do while in different cities to pass time, that is if you find yourself just wanting to explore the city.

According to the Q&A, Lead Game Designer Takizawa Masashi responded to one of the questions regarding how the difficulty, EXP, stats, damage and other battles mechanics will be, by noting that the game will have a changeable battle mode system. This method allows players to experience the game at their pace, and offers a tactical, or relaxed system of gameplay depending on what the player is looking for. Masashi noted that this method derived from fan feedback during the Episode Duscae demo.

And lastly, one of the questions that Lead Level Designer Terada Takefumi answered was how will multiple warp points allow Noctis to scale and explore rooftops? The dev responded by saying the warp ability lets you warp instantly to high locations, which is noted to be “vital” in FFXV‘s battles. The warp ability is said to be helpful with strategic positioning, and over the game’s large-scale battles over “urban terrain.” Fans can also expect to use it when battling aerial monsters with “flying and gigantic boss enemies.”

For those looking forward to playing FFXV, it will be released this year for Xbox One and PS4. If you want, you can also read the full Q&A that the devs had with their fans over on the official FF forums.

Author: Ethan


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