Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Video Walks Through Gravure Paradise Mode Features

Koei Tecmo haven’t been spending a whole lot of time releasing screenshots and trailers of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 the way Ubisoft has been pumping out new videos and screenshots of The Division just about every other day, but they have been letting some of the content out onto the interwebs via live-streams and trade show appearances.

Gaming Conviction spotted a video walkthrough of the Gravure Paradise Mode for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 from the Taipei Game Show event taking place in Taipei, Taiwan. The walkthrough features various video clips of the cast performing activities in outfits that the players can choose. Check out the six minute clip below.

《生死格鬥:沙灘排球 3 幸運 DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune》中文版 2016 台北電玩展試玩

由電玩瘋特約阿奇於 2016 台北電玩展帶來《生死格鬥:沙灘排球 3》第一手的影片欣賞解說 生死格鬥:沙灘排球 3 幸運 デッド オア アライブ エクストリーム 3 フォーチュン DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

Oh yeah… look at that action getting too steamy at the 3:33 mark even for Mr. PR. Adjusting his glasses because he couldn’t reach in his pocket.

The commentary in the background from the PA speaker is almost unbearably grating. Even still, I’m sure most die-hard fans will mute the video and keep watching regardless.

The demonstration shows the various roster of girls available to use in the Gravure Paradise Mode, designed to allow views to look, peer, photograph and leer at the lovely young ladies in various states of undress.

The mode features different scenarios and different times of day that can be selected, along with various outfits and how wet they can be.

If you’re into the photographing the Dead or Alive cast on the beach I’m sure the mode will easily appeal to you. However, it’s quite obvious why Koei Tecmo is absolutely terrified of this game reaching the hands of any gaming media outlets in the West due to the fact that they would scream misogyny all day long. A mode specifically designed to focus on the female form in short video clips designed for you to snap pictures? Right… that’s going to end up with a Salon or Mary Sue article and a thousand word invective tearing Koei Tecmo a new one.

Thankfully, major games media aren’t known for thoroughly playing games, so Koei doesn’t have to worry about people who aren’t their audience spending money to import the title for the sake of enjoyment, or for the sake of scouring through all of its features and functions.

You can look for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to launch for the PS Vita and PS4 starting March 24th. You can import the game from over on


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8 thoughts on “Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Video Walks Through Gravure Paradise Mode Features

  1. And when the Western mainstream games media, Salon, Mary Sue, Sarkeesian, etc. regressive retards unjustifiably bash it, us gamers and the cultural libertarians will always be here to call out and expose those cunts for their bigotry, and fully support Koei Tecmo.

    This is a far cry from 2014, where these little SJW authoritarian pricks went virtually unchallenged and unopposed.

    Now they’re getting more push-back than ever for being the bigoted, sexist and racist hypocrites they are.

    1. But it’d just be a crappy port like the current one. Basic functionality would probably be missing for the first year or two. Don’t worry though, costumes will always be readily available at $100 each.

  2. I’m sorta interested in this game because I’m a longtime fan of some of the DOA characters and would like to be able to play as them for activities other than fighting, but I really don’t care about the fan service.

    Stuff like rock-climbing or sports sounds fun. Ninja training, ninja sports, etc.

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