Beep Boop Bot Continues Seeking Votes On Greenlight

Beep Boop Bot is an isometric twin-stick shooter from Psycho Robot Games that has been on Steam Greenlight for the past couple of months. The game hasn’t been gaining a whole lot of traction but that hasn’t stopped the developers from pushing forward with the release of the game.

Earlier in January Psycho Robot Games announced on the Greenlight page that they would be aiming to release Beep Boop Bot sometime between March and April. Of course, given the game’s current languishing state in Greenlight it doesn’t appear as if the game will make an appearance on the Steam storefront this March.

Part of the January update also let gamers know that the BBB model would be updated to include a final look at all the upgrades on the unit, as well as additional controller support and they’ve cleaned up a lot of the gameplay and hitboxes for smoother performance. You can check out the latest trailer for the game below.

B3 (Beep Boop Bot) Promo

3 level demo footage used to create this ad. Demo can be downloaded at

The thing is, not every game will get Greenlit for Steam. Some titles may be interesting or have cool concepts but find themselves getting completely lost in the shuffle or maybe they lack the proper polish to earn their way onto the store page. Regardless, some games make the cut and some don’t.

As for Beep Boop Bot the title has been consistently receiving positive feedback on the Steam Greenlight page. The ability to fight rogue robots and upgrade BBB to increase its weapons and abilities has enticed a fair amount of gamers, but obviously not enough to warrant the game a place in the pantheon of approved Greenlight titles that are currently available on Steam.

The worst that could happen is that the game stays stuck in Greenlight after it officially releases on other platforms. The best thing that Psycho Robot Studios could hope for is that they get a quick boost and the thumbs up from Valve for the title. Another hopeful possibility is that the game releases, some YouTubers play it and it feeds interest back into the game, causing people to vote it through Greenlight. It’s happened before.

If Beep Boop Bot looks interesting to you, feel free to pay a visit to the Steam Greenlight page and give the game an upvote and a favorite. There’s also a demo available for you to try out in case you wanted to play-test it for yourself.


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