Bandai Namco Releases New Screenshots And More For Tales Of Berseria

Those that are interested in Bandai Namco’s Tales of Berseria should be even more excited. In recent news, the company’s latest press release reveals quite a bit about the game. Not only did the company release some new screenshots for Berseria, but they also detailed some of the mechanics that will go into the game. 

Catching wind from Gematsu, Bandai Namco released some information and screenshots for the PS4, PC and PS3 game. According to the source, the game will revolve around a character named Velvet, who must stop the Gomabyo disease that is turning the world into demons that are called Goma. This very disease can be destroyed by the player Velvet, which took place one night when her left hand was transformed by a mysterious force.

After the transformation of Velvet’s hand, she sets out to find her missing family members and her friends, which the devs note that players will find some interesting story elements revolving around three special items, which one of them is an apple.

The devs dive more into Velvet and Laphicet back stories of how old they are, how much they weigh, and other things like that. But, one of the most important things they talk about is the battle system and how abilities can be used during these sequences.

It is said that the game will have Linear Motion Battles, with a system that is based on free mobility and the option to freely rotate the camera to how you see fit. This mechanism lets players perform direct attacks assigned to enemies with X, Circle, Triangle and Square. Like most games, the devs noted that the camera will be controlled with the right stick, while the left moves you around, which can be changed in the options menu.

And that’s about it on the game’s story and its mechanics. Looking over to the screenshots, a lot of them focus more on Laphicet, Velvet and quite a bit of the environments. You can check them out below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Tales of Berseria

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As of now, there hasn’t been an official release date. But, the game will be available on both PS4 and PS3 in Japan, and will  be available for the PS4 and PC for those in the west.

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