Axel The Penguin, Retro Platformer Gets Greenlit For Steam

Axel The Penguin is a throwback platform game that was inspired by the great classics on the Sega Master System and it’s recently been Greenlit to appear on Steam. Ah, the golden age of platform gaming. Feel the nostalgia!

axel 2

Ceresoft, the developers behind Axel The Penguin, has decided to take all the classic elements that made the titles from the 1990s games so great and bring that formula back to Steam in all its 8-bit glory, retro graphics and all.

Axel The Penguin’s Gameplay has all the nonsensical platforming elements from the games we grew up playing, such as floating coins that you collect to earn score, platforms that defy the laws of physics and hang in midair, and teleporting doors that appear in the sky that magically lead you to new locations, even though they aren’t connected to anything. The Sega was my childhood, so this game personally looks a lot of fun to me.

axel 3

You will find all of these themes in Axel The Penguin as he goes on a grand adventure to apparently save his girlfriend. Axel has the ability to spit out bubbles at his enemies to kill them. He can then recharge his bubble shooting powers by eating sushi… because… apparently eating sushi gives him the ability to shoot water bubbles. Axel The Penguin will have to defeat powerful boss monsters, journey through dark caves, colorful gardens, Egyptian tombs, and even as far as space on his grand adventure. You can watch the official trailer for Axel The Penguin that I linked down below.

Axel the Penguin Steam Greenlight Trailer

The Official Alpha trailer for Axel the Penguin on Steam Greenlight.

Of course, the game will feature classic 8-bit retro music, but it will also have other special goodies as well, such as hidden secret levels, three different endings, and even a few tiles made by the community. Axel The Penguin was accepted by the Steam Greenlight community and is now moving towards final release to become an official Steam game. There is also an Alpha demo that you can download and play, I’ll leave the link for you to read the details for yourself.

If you are interested in seeing more about Axel The Penguin, you can check out their Steam Greenlight page for further details.

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