Altitude0, Arcade Flight Sim Features Multiplayer Team Play

Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an indie, arcade flight simulator that places you in fast paced Red Bull air race style challenges where you race online against other players. The developers describe Altitude0 as being like the racing game Burnout, but with airplanes racing through the sky.

Altitude0 was developed by Gugila, a small indie development team that did a surprisingly nice job at putting this game together. The Early Access page on Steam says that it is a small team of just two developers; that’s right, two developers put this game together! That is quite the feat for what this game has to offer and everything they have accomplished since their 2014 release.

The tracks or courses are designed with a series of cones you have to fly through with a circle indicator to let you know where you have to fly to pass the checkpoint. The objective is to fly through those circles to collect more points than your rivals. The new update that came out late in December of 2015, now adds the new multiplayer team race game mode where you can now form a band of racers that will work together to gain points for your team’s overall total score rating.

alt 0 2

The new update has also made changes to the track editor so that you can test your tracks and publish them while directly in the game. The track editor allows you to manipulate the objects in the stages and move them around to create a custom race track to your liking, giving you a variety of tools to make something truly unique for players to race through.

The last feature added, but certainly not the least, was the organized events feature that let’s you, well, organize your own race events. You can post up messages on the event board to notify other racers about what is going on, and you can even have it set up where participates receive gifts and prizes for participating.

If you are a fan of arcade style flight simulator games you migfht be interested in checking out the new updated features. You can watch the below trailer that I linked to see what the game is like.

Altitude0: Lower & Faster – On Steam

Altitude0 Lower & Faster is now available on Steam Early Access: ‘Got Skills? Rock in the Air or Go Down in Flames!’ Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an extreme air racing PC game where crazy low and risky flying rules.

This second trailer for Altitude0 showcases the new multiplayer team features and latest updates added to the game, so check that out below.

Altitude0 Multiplayer Team Play

New multiplayer (MP) brings a major new feature, Team Play mode. Got skills? That’s great, but even if you’re not there yet, don’t worry. In Team Play mode, every player will contribute to the team score. Do your best and work together for your team’s success!

If you would like to learn more about Altitude0: Lower & Faster, you can visit their Steam Store page, or check out their official website for further details.

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