Activision Officially Acquires MLG Turning It Into The ESPN Of E-Sports

After acquiring Major League Gaming for $46 million, Activision is now set to turn the competitive gaming landscape into something fierce… or at least something close to the e-sports rendition of ESPN.

According to the press release issued regarding the acquisition, Bobby Kotick, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard, said…

“Our acquisition of Major League Gaming’s business furthers our plans to create the ESPN of esports. MLG’s ability to create premium content and its proven broadcast technology platform – including its live streaming capabilities – strengthens our strategic position in competitive gaming. MLG has an incredibly strong and seasoned team and a thriving community.”

I wonder if that means MLG will also have to deal with settling sexual harassment claims just like ESPN? I guess they can get some tips from Capcom and Aris Bakhtanians by checking out some old Cross Assault footage, eh?

Day 1: Sexual Harassment on Cross Assault

Cross Assault is a live reality TV show about an upcoming video game, Street Fighter x Tekken, streamed online for a shot at $25,000 produced by Capcom,, and TeamSpooky. The contestants are various members of the fighting game community and are on site at Capcom USA HQ in California and split between Team Street Fighter of Capcom streamed by TeamSpooky and Team Tekken of Namco streamed by

Anyway, the press release hints at CEO and co-founder of MLG, Sundance DiGiovanni (which is a really badass name, by the way) working with Activision in bringing e-sports up to a mainstream level. It’s a tall order given that people who genuinely enjoy watching e-sports are those already watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube or live-streamers on Twitch and I don’t think Jimmy Kimmel’s stuck-in-the-90s audience will be all too keen of joining in on the action of watching people competitively play video games for real life dosh while concurrently laughing in a mocking manner at the idea of watching people play video games for real life dosh.

Even so, Mike Sepso, the senior VP of Activision Blizzard Media Networks and an MLG co-founder, commented in the press release about the acquisition and the aims for hitting that oh-so-lovely mainstream audience, saying…

“Sundance and I founded MLG to highlight the incredible talent of competitive gamers all over the world.“


“[…] The acquisition of MLG’s business is an important step towards Activision Blizzard Media Networks’ broader mission to bring esports into the mainstream by creating and broadcasting premium esports content, organizing global league play and expanding distribution with key gaming partners.”

Looks like ESL’s dreams of becoming the ESPN of e-sports will be squashed by the billion dollar steam-roller that is Activision and MLG. Well, technically it’s a $46 million dollar steam roller, but I think you get the drift.

Now all Activision needs to do is make the real life MLG as entertaining as Materialisimo‘s MLG on YouTube.

MLG Antivirus

WOAH! I hadn’t uploaded in a while!!! Sorry for that, I couldnt edit while on my finals and just after I finished school I had to work for FailArmy. MY PATREON: NOTE: English/Spanish subtitles soon!!1 Anyway, this video took longer than expected.


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9 thoughts on “Activision Officially Acquires MLG Turning It Into The ESPN Of E-Sports

  1. Videogames don’t need an MLG, ESPN or anything like that.

    Those that watch ESPN want sports on TV.

    Those that want e sports already have twitch and the many leagues created by players for players of multiple games which work well, are quite versatile, flexible and in touch with the community.

    Some giant mega network to rule them all is pointless.

    1. I also notice that the professional, corporate owned e-sports divisions all seem to suck the fun out of it all. I love the community-oriented events where you get to hear the crowd jeer, cheer and boo. I love the chants, the signs, the reactions, the hype and the organic moments built out of intense, legitimately competitive players.

      All this corporate BS just turns it into another golfing event where safe space crowds and tepid enthusiasm rest on a back burner of corporate sponsorship shoved down our throats every five minutes.

      1. Yeah.
        I didn’t know how to say that, but that is true as well.
        The more “proper” events from the bigger companies that want to be the ESPN’s are all so stuck up and uptight.
        No cheering, they banish players for some mild trash talk, they don’t let the commentators goof of a bit with the players and even anti doping tests as if half the players hadn’t done some weed already.

  2. Like ESPN? You mean vapid presenters who narrate a sports game they don’t get to an audience they hate? And all the while spitting out insults at the athletes unless they are Serena and/or Venus Williams. Don’t forget also crying mysoginy here and there, abuse here and there, but willfully ignore whar “stars” like Hope Solo did, such as physically abuse her nephew who at the time was a minor.

    The only difference between the people who work at ESPN and the people who work at Polygon/IGN/PCGamer/etc. is that at ESPN personal hygiene and good looks are mandatory.

  3. Dear god which idiot watches a game streamed for god sake buy a game yourself and play it, cause that’s what gaming is.

    And i’m all for harsh words and bullshit talk but isen’t Aris Bakhtanians kinda overdoing it by mostly targeting a woman in this video, not sure if this is basicly all or just picked moments. but she could have just called him names back instead off not wanting to offend anybody.

    I would have just gone at him and called him a a Fat overweight jerking virgin that seems to be impotent cause of all the cheetos he eats. but then again men deal with their own problems straight away and not make a media circus out of it.

  4. So basically it’s going to turn into shit. Political Correctness is so fucking lame. And that’s not even counting the retards who cry “sexism” and “misogyny” every 5 minutes.

  5. $46 million, huh? But Western mainstream media keeps insisting that gaming is an unimportant nothingness that only a very small number of deranged violent kids and misogynist rapists in basements waste time on. I can imagine SJWs clamoring to proclaim that this news is “obviously false”.

    That being said, I’ve never heard of MLG, nor am I interested, to be honest.

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