Wii U Sells 127,000 In Japan During Middle Of December

For the last two weeks of December the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have been cleaning up on the Japanese sales charts. Both systems have moved impressive numbers thanks to Nintendo’s bundle deals over in the land of the rising sun.

Here in the West the only thing that dominates the sales charts is the PlayStation 4, with a very far distant Xbox One and Wii U picking up the scraps every once in a while. In Japan things are completely different.

According to Nintendo Enthusiast, the Wii U moved an impressive 80,000 SKUs between December 14th and December 20th. The Nintendo 3DS moved 140,023 SKUs. The PS4 was just a little over half of what the Wii U did. You can check it out below. Oh yeah… and the Xbox One didn’t even crack 500.

  • New 3DS – 140,023
  • Wii U – 80,301
  • PlayStation 4 – 49,634
  • PlayStation Vita – 46,182
  • 3DS – 7,665
  • PlayStation 3 – 2,381
  • Xbox One – 446

On the software side of the equation, the 3DS occupied seven out of 10 slots on the top 10 software sales for the week ending on December 20th. The Wii U occupied two out of those 10 slots and the only thing on the PS4 that made the top 10 at the number three spot is Fallout 4. I guess even the Japanese love Bethesda’s glitchy but fun action-RPG.

The numbers look as impressive as they do coming off the previous week of sales in Japan, where according to Gamnesia the Wii U still managed to beat out the PS4 once again following a week where the two nearly tied . The 3DS still took the top spot, showing only a 10,000 unit increase from the week prior but the Wii U, between December 7th and December 13th shifted 47,890 copies. That brings the two week total to 127,890 SKUs moved throughout the middle of December.

  • New 3DS LL – 81,294
  • Wii U – 47,890
  • PlayStation 4 – 38,497
  • PlayStation Vita – 35,116
  • New 3DS – 19,454
  • 3DS – 8,549
  • 3DS LL – 3,531
  • PlayStation 3 – 2,434
  • PlayStation Vita TV – 793
  • Xbox One – 609

Oh, those poor PlayStation TV sales. That’s almost as bad as the Xbox One… not quite but almost.

Sony would need a living, Japanese version of Billy Mays if they want to start moving those units off store shelves, otherwise it looks sad when a product is languishing in sales next to an Xbox product. You could practically equate Xbox with failure at this point when it comes to sales in the East.

Anyway, it’s surprising to me that the Wii U is showing such promising signs in the sales department after trudging through the year with such terrible sales. If only Nintendo had taken advantage of the bundles earlier on and promoted the console with a deep price cut I’m sure they could have increased market share a great deal throughout 2015. With the Nintendo NX on the horizon I’m curious what the sales will look like for the Wii U as the system sets to receive Star Fox: Zero and Legend of Zelda?


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